Mid-Term Paper

The paper should be a typed, double spaced document. It is anticipated that most papers will be approximately 8 pages in length. However, a paper might be slightly shorter or longer depending on the topic selected and your writing style. Please include appropriate references in the paper (place list of references at the end of the paper). You should include at least 3 references. These can be articles from magazines or journals, references, conference proceedings, government documents, internet resources, etc. At least one of the references must be from a source other than a web site.

The following is the suggested organization for the paper: Introduction - Provide a brief introduction to the problem. How important is it (measures might include $, people affected, lost resources, etc)? Why is it important? Why is this issue important or of interest to you? Discussion of the environmental issue - Discuss in more detail the environmental issue. You might expand on items identified in the Introduction section. Also include subsections that address possible solutions or ways to minimize or reduce the problem. Also include a subsection that discusses your opinions regarding the environmental issue you have selected and support them as best as possible with references. Summary - Provide a brief (paragraph or so) summary of the discussion on the issue you explored. References - Include the references at the end of the paper. Be sure to reference these in the paper. You can use numbers or authors of the references or authors of the references within the paper to properly reference materials.