Running SLAM II

SLAM must be run from pasture in ABE. The SLAM software is located in /home/pasture/a/SYSTEM/slam42 - if you will be using SLAM a great deal, you may wish to put it in your path. For class purposes, it is not necessary to add /home/pasture/a/SYSTEM/slam42 to your path.

Once you have created your file with SLAM commands, copy it to a file called fort.5 - SLAM reads input commands from this file. Be sure to create and edit SLAM commands in another file and then copy this file to fort.5 so that you do not accidentally copy over SLAM code of interest.

To run SLAM with your code, type /home/pasture/a/SYSTEM/slam42/slam77 and press the return key. Note this should be done in the directory in which you have created the fort.5 file. The output from the SLAM run will be placed in a file called fort.6.

Note that if you are writing Fortran code that will be accessed by SLAM, additional steps and approaches will be required.