Old Messages

Check out the term projet requirements.

If you want to run the 565 materials from the http location on hermes I provided yesterday and are located on a PC or Apple, it MAY be necessary to change some of the mosaic settings on that machine. The reason for this is that I have been developing the mosaic files on a stand alone PC and have thus used a .htm file name extension rather than the .html extension expected by some machines running mosaic. You should be able to modify a mosaic.ini file to indicate that files with .htm extensions should be treated as .html documents.

You can now access the 565 materials from any machine with internet access using the following URL (note the location has been changed slightly since 8/29):

You can also start from the Purdue Home Page that is found at

and follow the links:
   Academic Programs (under Agriculture)
     Course Descriptions (under Agricultural Engineering)
       Agricultural Systems Engineering (AGEN 565)

Printing from Mosaic can be accomplished by selecting the "File" option from the top of Mosaic and selecting the "Print" option from the menu. A dialog box will open to allow you to send the information of interest to a printer. Use "lp -c -d asp1" for example to send the information to the asp1 printer. Note the -c option to lp is usually necessary from within Mosaic to prevent the document from being removed prior to being printed.

Note that you can also save the information in a file by selecting "File" and then the "Save as" option. Note that if you have graphics in the material being saved, you will want to likely save the file as a postscript file.

Just a reminder to complete the computer attitude survey - if you need another copy, you can get one from ~engelb/565/compute.sur

As always, if you have questions or suggestions for improving the class, do not hesitate to contact me (engelb) or Karla (embleton) (AGEN 309).