Certainty Factors

Expert Systems certainty:

Many ES's handle uncertainty in rules and user supplied information through numerical certainty factors. Most are based on MYCIN certainty factors. Certainty factors normally range from some negative value to some positive value. For example from -100 to 100. A certainty factor of -100 would represent a complete lack of belief in something while a factor of 100 would represent an absolute belief in a rule or value.

MYCIN-like certainty factors

In the equations from this link, CF (previous) is defined as the certainty factor associated with the parameter's value before the action of the THEN portion of a rule is performed. CF is the certainty factor of the new evidence added by a rule.

CLIPS Rules for Combining MYCIN-like Certainty Factors

A file with these rules can be copied for use from ~engelb/565/cf.clp