Niklas Elmqvist, Ph.D.

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Synopsis: A multi-focus interaction framework for temporal data visualization.


  • (2009-11-13) TraXplorer to PacificVis 2010! - Our paper on the TraXplorer system was just accepted to the IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium 2010 . The conference will be held March 2-7 next year in Taipei, Taiwan.


  • Start date: January, 2009
  • Parent project: multifocus

Information visualization shows tremendous potential for helping both expert and casual users alike make sense of temporal data, but current time series visualization tools provide poor support for comparing several foci in a temporal dataset while retaining context and distance awareness. We introduce a method for supporting this kind of multi-focus interaction that we call \textit{stack zooming}. The approach is based on the user interactively building hierarchies of 1D strips stacked on top of each other, where each subsequent stack represents a higher zoom level, and sibling strips represent branches in the visual exploration. Correlation graphics show the relation between stacks and strips of different levels, providing context and distance awareness among the focus points. The zoom hierarchies can also be used as graphical histories and for communicating insights to stakeholders. We also discuss how visual spaces that support stack zooming can be extended with annotation and local statistics computations that fit the hierarchical stacking metaphor.



  • W. Javed, N. Elmqvist. Stack Zooming for Multi-Focus Interaction in Skewed-Aspect Visual Spaces. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 19(8):1362-1374, 2013. [PDF] [BibTeX] [Website]
  • W. Javed, N. Elmqvist. Stack Zooming for Multi-Focus Interaction in Time-Series Data Visualization. In Proceedings of the IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium, pp. 33-40, 2010. [PDF] [AVI] [PPT] [YouTube] [SlideShare] [BibTeX] [Website]


The TraXplorer environment for stock market data. Stack zooming applied to PDF documents (mockup screenshot).