Niklas Elmqvist, Ph.D.

semantic 3d pointing
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Synopsis: Semantic 3D pointing for improving target acquisition and object picking in 3D environments.


  • (2008-2-22) GI 2008! - Our paper on semantic 3D pointing will be presented at the upcoming Graphics Interface 2008 conference to be held May 28-30 in Windsor, ON, Canada.


  • Start date: October, 2007
  • Parent project: hciatplay

Today's large and high-resolution displays coupled with powerful graphics hardware offer the potential for highly realistic 3D virtual environments, but also cause increased target acquisition difficulty for users interacting with these environments. We present an adaptation of semantic pointing to object picking in 3D environments. Essentially, semantic pointing shrinks empty space and expands potential targets on the screen by dynamically adjusting the ratio between movement in visual space and motor space for relative input devices such as the mouse. Our implementation operates in the image-space using a hierarchical representation of the standard stencil buffer to allow for real-time calculation of the closest targets for all positions on the screen.



  • N. Elmqvist, J.-D. Fekete. Semantic Pointing for Object Picking in Complex 3D Environments. In Proceedings of Graphics Interface, pp. 243-250, 2008. [PDF] [AVI] [YouTube] [BibTeX] [Website]


Bubblespace for the semantic 3D pointing platform. Mouse tracks with semantic 3D pointing active. Mouse tracks with semantic 3D pointing inactive. RTS scenario for semantic 3D pointing.