Niklas Elmqvist, Ph.D.

projection morphing
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Synopsis: Interaction technique for smooth and interactive animation of the 3D view projection matrix to facilitate active occlusion management.


  • (2007-09-18) View-Projection in Computers & Graphics - An extended version of the AVI 2006 paper on view-projection animation will appear in Elsevier 's Computers & Graphics journal. The title of the paper is View-Projection Animation for 3D Occlusion Management and will be the definite summary of the project.


  • Start date: December, 2004
  • End date: September, 2007
  • Parent project: occmgt

View-projection animation is a technique for smoothly animating between perspective and parallel projection, somewhat akin to the "dolly-and-zoom" method in classic film-making (also known as Hitchcock zoom due to being initially invented and used by Alfred Hitchcock). The idea behind this is to manage occlusion in the projection plane by providing two alternate views of the 3D scene from the same viewpoint; the perspective view, similar to our normal vision of the world, and the parallel view, where the depth coordinate is discarded and objects are assigned screen space in proportion only to their geometric size. A user stud proves that our technique significantly improves object discovery over normal perspective views. By treating the 3D objects in the environment as immutable entities, the technique is non-invasive and can seamlessly be integrated into any kind of 3D visualization.



  • N. Elmqvist, P. Tsigas. View-Projection Animation for 3D Occlusion Management. Computers & Graphics, 31(6):864-876, 2007. [PDF] [BibTeX] [Website]
  • N. Elmqvist, P. Tsigas. View Projection Animation for Occlusion Reduction. In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, pp. 471-475, 2006. [PDF] [BibTeX] [Website]


View projection animation (perspective) View projection animation (parallel) View projection animation in Blender3D