Niklas Elmqvist, Ph.D.

dynamic transparency
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Synopsis: Image-space algorithm and implementation for real-time virtual X-Ray vision, as well as a user study showing its benefit for discovery and access in 3D environments.


  • (2009-01-15) IJVR article - A consolidated article describing the is project has been accepted to the International Journal of Virtual Reality . This paper represents the outcome of 3 years of research on dynamic transparency for occlusion management.
  • (2007-03-27) Dyntrans paper accepted at INTERACT! - A paper on the dynamic transparency project was accepted for publication at INTERACT 2007 that will be held in Rio de Janeiro in September this year. See you in Rio!


  • Start date: October, 2005
  • End date: November, 2008
  • Parent project: occmgt

This project deal with the deceptively easy approach to occlusion management in 3D---if you have some objects hiding other objects from view, simply make the occluders semi-transparent! In essence, create a "virtual X-Ray vision" approach to 3D visualization, where the user can see through any intervening surfaces to discover targets in a 3D scene. We call this approach dynamic transparency.

The problem with dynamic transparency is that (i) it is difficult to implement correctly, and that (ii) introducing the effect may cause unexpected issues with the perception of a scene. Occlusion is an important depth cue used by the human perception system to understand a 3D scene, and weakening or removing it may have adverse impacts on user performance in solving visual tasks in the environment.

In this work, we study both of these issues, first introducing an image-space algorithm for achieving real-time dynamic transparency as well as presenting results from a user study investigating the impact of the effect on user performance.



  • N. Elmqvist, U. Assarsson, P. Tsigas. Dynamic Transparency for 3D Visualization: Design and Evaluation. International Journal of Virtual Reality, 8(1):65-78, 2009. [PDF] [YouTube] [BibTeX] [Website]
  • N. Elmqvist, U. Assarsson, P. Tsigas. Employing Dynamic Transparency for 3D Occlusion Management: Design Issues and Evaluation. In Proceedings of INTERACT, pp. 532-545, 2007. [PDF] [YouTube] [SlideShare] [BibTeX] [Website]


Image-space dynamic transparency Image-space dynamic transparency Image-space dynamic transparency