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C2I - Command, Control and Interoperability Center

Name:C2I - Command, Control and Interoperability Center
Project TitleDuration
Multimodal Information Access and Synthesis2006-2009
Universal Information Graphs2007-present
Statistical and Graph-Theoretical Approaches to Time-Varying Multigraphs2007-present
Adding Semantics to and Interconnecting Semantic Graphs2007-present
Optimization & Learning for Decision-making under Uncertainty2007-present
Privacy-Preserving Model Selection2007-present
Using Entropy for Biosurveillance2007-present
Analysis of Large Dynamic Virtual Communities2007-present
Extraction and Summarization of Fine-grained Opinion Frames2007-present
Detecting Opinion and Sentiment Types to Improve Question Answering and Information Extraction2007-present
Exploiting Semantics in Information Extraction2007-present
Learning about Organization Structure and Personnel from Email2007-present
Geospatial Visualization of Multiple Media for Large-scale Strategic Knowledge Discovery2007-present
KOJAK Link Discovery Tools2007-present
Large-scale Discovery of Patterns from Textual Information2007-present
Federated Store for Extracted Information and Semantic Graphs2007-present
Extraction of Desired Information from Unstructured Text2007-present
Context-based Information Trust Analysis for Threat Detection2007-present
Linked Animal-Human Health Visual Analytics (LAHVA)2006-2009
Visual Analytics for the Disaster Response Life Cycle2006-2009
Network Security2006-2009
Data Integration2006-2009
K-12 Education Initiative2006-2009
RESIN: Agent-based Foraging and Analysis2006-2009
Automated Intelligent Analysis of Images and Video2006-2009
Image Browser and EventRiver2006-2009
ParallelSets for Categorical Analysis2006-2009
Role of High Level Domain Expertise in Automated Open Source Analysis2008-2009
NeoCITIES Geo Tools2006-2009
Jigsaw - Visual Analytics for Investigative Analysis2006-2009
STAB: Supporting Investigative Analysts in Sensemaking2006-2009
VADL - Visual Analytics Digital Library2006-2009
ATLAS: Scalable Visual Analysis for Temporal Databases2005-2009
Visualizing Heterogeneous Information Spaces2006-2009
Perceptual Efficiency of Information Visualization2007-2008
Ad Hoc Visual Analysis of Photographs2005-2007
Regional Incident Management Simulation (RIMSIM)2006-2009
Just-in-Time C3 Interface2006-2007
Geospatial Optimization of Strategic Information Resources (GOSR) 2006-2009
Multi-Institutional Coordination for Area Maritime Security 2008-2009
Context Discovery Application (CDA)2006-2009
Geographic Information Retrieval2006-2009
Health GeoJunction2006-2009
Spatio-Temporal Event Detection2006-2009
Improvise: KEDS2006-2009
GeoViz Toolkit2006-2009
Visual Inquiry Toolkit2006-2009
Semantic NSA2007-2009
Developing a Science of Visual Analytics, Analytic Discourse, and Interaction2007-2009
WireVis: Financial Transaction Analytics2006-2009
GeoAnnotator 2006-2009
Collaborative Synthesis of Visual Analytic Results2007-2008
Desktop Integrated Web Map2008-2009
Interfaces to Geovisual Analytics Environments2006-2009
Analytics for Semantic Analysis2006-2009
Visual-Computational Analysis2006-2009
VAST Challenge2006-2009
Privacy and Visual Analytics2006-2009
Mobile Analytics for Command & Control in Real-World Testbeds2006-2009
Integrating Personnel Tracking and Video Capture For Emergency Response2006-2009
In-field Visual Analytics2006-2009
Mobile Analytics for Emergency Response and Training2006-2009
Sensor-Driven Video Analytics2006-2009
Smart Video Surveillance2006-2009
Social Networks—Applications to First Responder Scenarios2008-2009
Visual Analytics for Analysis, Management and Containment of Zoonotic Disease Spread (Food Production)2006-2009
Visual Analytics Law Enforcement Technology (VALET)2006-2009
Time-Space Modeling and Analysis for Disease Surveillance2006-2008
Isis: Visual Analytics for Network Security2005-2008
Color Naming2005-2009
Inference and Discovery in Visualizations of Time and Space2005-2009
Human Cognition Model2006-2009
ProbeVis and UrbanVis2006-2009
Nepal Economic Corridor Mapping Project with Mercy Corps2008-2009
Global Pre-Positioning Resource Network Project with World Vision International2008-2009
Moving Visual Analytics Research into Practice2008-2009
Visual Analytics Support for National Center of Border Security and Immigration (NCBSI) 2008-2009
DC CrimeViz2007-2009
Geovisual Analytics of Spatial Clusters at Multiple Scales2007-2009
Visual Analytics for Investigative Analysis on Text Documents2009-2010
Integrate Automated Analytical Reasoning into Jigsaw2009-2010
Situational Surveillance & In-field Criminal Investigative Analytics2009-2010
Cybersecurity Visual Analytics2009-2010
Video Surveillance Visual Analytics2009-2010
Introducing Sustainable Visual Analytics into Command Center Environments2009-2010
Financial Fraud Visual Analytics2009-2010
Financial Fraud Visual Analytics
Foreign Animal and Zoonotic Disease Visual Analytics2009-2010
GeoJunction: Collaborative Visual-Computational Information Foraging and Contextualization to Support Situation Awareness2009-2010
Multimedia Visual Analytics for Investigative Analysis2009-2010
Context-aware Mobile Visual Analytics for Emergency Response2009-2010
Visual Analytics for the DHS Centers of Excellence2009-2010
START Center Visual Analytics2009-2010
Leadership and Coordination2009-2010
MSI Collaboration2009-2010
K-12 Programs2009-2010
Undergraduate Visual Analytics Summer Program (VASP)2009-2010
Graduate Programs 2009-2010
HS-STEM Career Development Program2009-2010
Professional Training2009-2010
Educational Materials2009-2010
CCICADA-CREATE Collaboration: Port Resilience2010-present
CCICADA-START collaboration: Adding Analytics to Global Terrorism Database2010-present
Extracting relations from text
Extracting relations from text
Extracting events, opinions, and other information from text 2010-present
Extracting pertinent information from text and images2009-present
Methods to perform data distillation2009-present
Dataless categorization2009-present
Mobile Imaging, Rosetta Phone, and Light-Weight Visual Analytics for In-Field Analytics2009-2010