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NTSCOE - National Transportation Security Center of Excellence

Name:NTSCOE - National Transportation Security Center of Excellence
Project TitleDuration
Training & Research for Advanced National Security for Intermodal Transportation
Designing Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chains Networks2009-2011
Structural Health Monitoring and Assessment of Critical Intermodal Transportation Infrastructure Elements 2009-2011
Simulating Transportation Modes in Large-Scale Evacuation Scenarios 2009-2009
Emergency Response via Inland Waterways2008-2011
Information Enhancement Among Aviation Security Partners 2009-2010
Automated Real-Time Object Detection and Recognition on Transportation Facilities2009-2009
Petrochemical Incident Location System (PILS)2009-2010
Petrochemical Transportation Security Workshop2008-2008
Transportation Vulnerability, Risk and Security (TVRS) Certificate 2008-2010
Understanding H1N1 Risks in the Transportation Sector2009-2009
Signs and Symptoms: Infectious Disease and the Transportation Sector2009-2011
Crisis Communication for Transportation Employees2009-2011
Addressing the Needs of Vulnerable Populations During Emergencies2009-2011
Chemical and Biological Weapons: Awareness, Prevention and Response2009-2011
Assessment of Transportation Security Training Needs2009-2011
Bus Operator Behavior Assessment2009-2010
Handbook of Emergency Management For State-Level Transportation Agencies2009-2010
Explosives and Incendiaries Used in Terrorist Attacks on Public Surface Transportation: A Preliminary Empirical Examination
Rail Passenger Selective Screening Summit2009-2009
Terrorist Attacks On Public Bus Transportation: A Preliminary Empirical Analysis2009-2010
Implementation and Development of Vehicle Tracking and Immobilization Technologies2009-2010
Potential Terrorist Uses of Highway-Borne Hazardous Materials2009-2010
Supplement to MTI Study on Selective Passenger Screening in the Mass Transit Rail Environment2009-2010
Sustaining Resilient Inland Waterways via Renewable Energy2009-2011
Mitigating Dynamic Risk in Multi-Modal Perishable Commodity Supply Chain Networks2010-2012
Supporting Secure and Resilient Inland Waterways2010-2013
Advanced Composite Materials For Blast And Fire Resistance2010-2012
Rapid and Robust Evaluation of Bridge Load-carrying Capacity after Damaging Events2010-2012
Risk, Resilience And Response Models With Applications To High-Speed Rail Transportation Corridors2010-2012
Advanced Concrete and Geo-Materials for Resilient Transportation Infrastructure: Material Level to System Level Integrated Design2010-2012
Behavioral Awareness in Surface Transportation Security2010-2011
Engagement of Minority Communities in Public Awareness Programs2010-2011
Case Studies for Transportation Security2010-2011
Modeling Systemic Vulnerabilities in Freight Rail Commodity Networks2011-2012
Autonomous Wireless Sensor Network to Secure Railroad Safety2011-2013
Bond between Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete2011-2013
High-Temperature Resistant Construction Steels and Steel Beam Connectors2011-2013
Strengthening and Modeling of Earth Embankments Under High Loads2009-2011
Sensor Deployment for Real-Time Monitoring of Transportation Vulnerability2009-2011
Mechanical Characterization of Ultra-High Performance Concrete for Resilient Transportation Infrastructure2009-2011
Integrated Sensing and Control System Development for Bridge Structures2009-2011
Impact Resistant Multifunctional Composite Sensor for Structural Monitoring2009-2011
School Bus Driver All-Hazards Communication2010-2012
Smart Model for Rail Corridor Resilience2010-2012
Supporting Secure and Resilient Inland Waterways2010-2012