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NDCIEM - Center for Natural Disasters, Coastal Infrastructure and Emergency Management

Name:NDCIEM - Center for Natural Disasters, Coastal Infrastructure and Emergency Management
Project TitleDuration
Meteorological Modeling2008-2010
A Hydrologic Modeling System for Coastal Environments2008-2010
Coastal Wave Surge Modeling2008-2010
Psychological Adjustment Following Coastal Disasters: Risk and Protective Factors for Families and Web-Based Curriculum Development2008-2010
Evacuation Models and Dynamics2008-2010
Computational Network Modeling Research 2008-2010
Optimizing Knowledge Networks in Disaster Response2008-2010
Supply Chain Structure and Management2008-2010
Risk Perceptions, Preferences, and Preparedness2008-2010
Revealed Preferences Research2008-present
Analysis of Federal Mitigation Policy in the U.S.: Mitigation Plans, Expenditures, Civic Engagement, and Local Capability2008-present
Risk Based Planning2008-present
Visual Analytics Applied to Natural Disasters and Coast Infrastructure2008-present
Evolving and Engineered Landforms2008-present
System Observability, Diagnosis, and Prognosis2008-present
Innovative Component Design and Retrofit of Critical Civil Infrastructure2008-present
Integrated Infrastructure Modeling 2008-present
Critical Civil Infrastructure Modeling 2008-present
Risk of Levee Failures in the Western U.S.2008-present
Multi-Organizational Collaborative Leadership2008-present
NDCIEM COE Website Repository for Homeland Security Relevant Research and Curricula for Dissemination of Research and Education Materials, JSU2009-2010
BS Civil Engineering, Coastal Engineering Track, JSU2009-2010
MS Engineering A. Coastal Engineering Concentration, JSU; B. Computational Engineering Concentration, JSU2009-2010
MS in Environmental Health (emphasis in Natural Disasters and in Emergency Management), MVSU2009-2010
Integration of Homeland Security Science and Technology in Applied Science Program of BS in Advanced Technologies, ASU2009-2010
Master of Industrial Engineering (concentration in Public Safety Management), UH2009-2010
Undergraduate and Graduate Minor in Disaster Science and Management, LSU2009-2010
Integration of Homeland Security Related Technology into the Core Learning Objectives for Computer Science and Engineering Programs, JCSU2009-2010
Integration of Homeland Security topics in the Social Science Division Curriculum completed by Student Research Experiences, TC2009-2010
Infuse MS in Transportation Curriculum with Natural Disaster Focused Courses and Conduct Related Research, SCSU2009-2010
STEM Bowl (JSU and partners)2009-2010