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NCBSI - National Center for Border Security and Immigration

Name:NCBSI - National Center for Border Security and Immigration
Project TitleDuration
1.1 Sensors for Intelligent Monitoring of Human Interactions
1.2 Decision Support for Border Operations
Improved Techniques for Estimating the Size of the Unauthorized Population
Fusion of Spatial-Temporal Sensor Data
Border Security Risk Assessment and Mitigation Decision Framework
5.1 Estimates of the Undocumented Population and Visa Overstays
2.1 Extended Battery Life for Sensor Networks
1.4 Biometric Identification and Surveillance
2.2 Localization and Tracking of Vehicles, Cargo, and Persons
3.2 Reduction of False Alarm Rates
5.3 Economic Impacts of Immigration Policy
1.6 Vehicle Detection, Identification, and Routing
2.4 Wireless Sensor Network Development
Cross-Center Project: Ensuring Conformity with Civil Rights and Liberties and Human Rights
2.3 Detection and Tracking of Hidden Objects
6.2 Effective Bi-national Border Security Governance
Border Security Readiness Assessment and Maturity Model
6.3 Local Law Enforcement Collaborations and Criminal Aliens
6.1 Organization and Networks of Transnational Gangs
Prototype Border Security Risk Monitor
4.1 Risk-based Allocation of Border Security Assets
Surveillance and Tracking Technologies (SATT)
Advanced Security Procedures at Border Crossing Ports of Entry (ASBC)
5.8 Immigration Enforcement Policies at the State Level
Screening, Scanning and Inspection Processes (SSIP)
Operational Analysis
Operational Analysis
Command, Control and Communication
1.3 Avatar-based Kiosk for Screening
Multi-Functional Autonomous Sensor Networks
Optimizing Inter-Agency Coordination2008-2009
1.5 Pattern Analysis from Remote Sensing Data
5.2 Migrant Population Characteristics and Flows
Econometric Analysis of Immigrant Assimilation
Assessing Migrant Impacts on the U.S. Criminal Justice System
5.4 E-Verify: Compliance Modeling
Dynamic Resource Allocation Using Market-based Methods
5.5 E-Verify: Longitudinal Survey
Human Identification from a Distance
3.1 Sensor Fusion for Intent and Hotspot Detection
The Homeland Security Summer Scholars Academy2010-2013
Educational Needs Assessment2009-2010
The Importance of Photographic, Target, and Perceiver Factors in the Perceptual Identification of Own- and Other-Race/Ethnicity Persons2010-2011
Processes to Improve Visual Vigilance in Human Screeners 2010-2011
Intent-Driven Behavioral Modeling of Cross-Border Epidemic Spread
Scheduling Security Operations in Uncertain Adversarial Domains
E-Verify: Compliance Modeling
5.6 E-Verify: Demographic Data
5.7 NIS: BORDERS Award in Immigration Research