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PACER - Center for the Study of Preparedness and Catastrophic Event Response

Name:PACER - Center for the Study of Preparedness and Catastrophic Event Response
Project TitleDuration
PROJECT COMPLETE: (A3) Policy, Ethics, & Law/ (B2) Model MOU Assessment and Development2006-2009
PROJECT COMPLETE: (B1) Surge Capacity Networks2006-2009
PROJECT COMPLETE: (C1) Modeling & Simulation Integration Framework2006-2009
PROJECT COMPLETED: (C2) Modeling and Simulation of Complex Interactions of Bio-threat Epidemiology2006-2009
PROJECT COMPLETED: (D1) Situational Awareness & Decision Making2006-2009
PROJECT COMPLETED: (D2) Wireless Sensor Networks2006-2009
PROJECT COMPLETED: (D3) Biosensor Fusion2006-2009
PROJECT COMPLETED: (D4) Detection & Surveillance2006-2009
PROJECT COMPLETED: (D5) Preparedness Metrics - Testing & Evaluation of Emerging Technologies2006-2009
PROJECT COMPLETE: (A2) Five Dimensions of Preparedness2006-2009
PROJECT COMPLETE: (A1) Medical Response Capability Measurement Metrics2006-2009
PROJECT COMPLETED: (E1) Higher Education2006-2009
PROJECT COMPLETED: (E2) Leadership Training2006-2009
PROJECT COMPELTE: (E4) Underserved Populations2006-2009
PROJECT COMPLETED: (E5) School Teachers2006-2009
A Triage Tool for Accurate Disposition of Patients in Disaster Response2010-present
The Applied Collaboration Laboratory2009-2010
PROJECT COMPLETE: (A4) Dilemmas Faced by Law Enforcement Officers in the Midst of a Crisis: Examining Practice to Improve Preparedness2006-2009
Determining the Performance Characteristics of Ibis T5000 (Prototype Novel Diagnostic Platform) for Preparedness and Response to a Respiratory Infection Disease Outbreak 2010-present
Examination of Resilience and Role Conflict among Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Service Personnel in the Midst of Disaster
Emergency Preparedness Needs of Primary Physicians and Historically Black Medical Schools2010-present
Clinical Utility of Preemptive Surge Measures Enacted as a Result of Conventional and Internet-Based Influenza Surveillance2010-present
Medical Surge Capacity Metrics2010-present
Development of EMCAPS-Version 2.02010-present
Pharmaceutical Response Project (PRP): Developing a Virtual Environment for Exploring Impact of Social and Behavioral Factors on Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Assurance at Points of Dispensing (POD)2010-present
Modeling and Simulation of Complex Social Dynamics for Catastrophic Event Preparedness and Response2010-present
PACER Tribal Colleges & Universities Research Scholars Program2010-present
Cross-Discipline, Multi-School Doctorate (PhD) Program2010-present
Creation of a Society for Disaster Health2010-present
Cyber Security Preparedness and Response during Catastrophic Events 2008-2009