Niklas Elmqvist, Ph.D.

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Synopsis: Visualization of citation networks in scientific communities using causality visualization techniques, interactive timelines, and concept maps.


  • (2007-08-24) CiteWiz paper accepted! - Our paper CiteWiz: A Tool for the Visualization of Scientific Networks was just accepted for the Information Visualization journal published by Palgrave Macmillan . We are still not sure which issue it will appear in, however.


  • Start date: November, 2003
  • End date: December, 2007

One of the key tasks of scientific research is the management and study of existing work in a given field of inquiry. The specific nature of the tasks involved in this venture vary greatly we present CiteWiz, a tool for bibliographic visualization of the chronology and influences in networks of scientific articles. The tool contains three primary visualizations: a timeline visualization for overviews and navigation in a full citation database, an influence visualization for detailed views of a specific subset of the citation database, and an interactive concept map for exploring keywords and co-authorship in the database. Users would typically orient themselves in a citation database using the timeline and the concept map and then construct specialized database views to study using the influence visualization. The tool was designed for use by researchers, scientists, and students alike, and its baseline features were established through extended discussions in a focus group consisting of such users. depending on the situation and the role of the researcher.



  • N. Elmqvist, P. Tsigas. CiteWiz: A Tool for the Visualization of Scientific Citation Networks. Information Visualization, 6(3):215-232, 2007. [BibTeX] [Website]


CiteWiz detail visualization CiteWiz concept map CiteWiz concept map