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This year in ECE 695D we will be working together to create an annotated bibliography of visual analytics research papers. Each week, the instructor will provide one or several empty chapter skeleton with a set of references. Each student will select one such reference (that no other student has selected) and write a summary about that paper. Together, the summaries will form a literature survey about visual analytics that we can make available to the world.

Note: All documents related to the annotated visual analytics bibliography reside on Google Drive. Please be sure to have a Google id and contact the instructor (Prof. Elmqvist) to get access. We will also do this on the first day of the class (Tuesday, August 20).

Paper summaries are due at midnight on each Sunday (except for a few exceptions, see below).


Please see the README file in the Google Drive folder for detailed instructions on how to claim a reference, write a summary, and add it to the shared bibliography project.


Paper critiques are due by Sunday midnight each week (see below for exceptions). Your comments are automatically time-stamped, allowing the instructor to see when they were submitted.

Paper critiques are not due on the following three weeks:

  • Oct 14-20 (IEEE VisWeek 2013)
  • Nov 25-Dec 1 (Thanksgiving week)
  • Dec 2-8 (project presentation week)
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