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Students are each responsible for giving three (3) in-class paper presentations. These presentations are expected to be 10-15 minutes in length (with 3-5 minutes for questions) and to capture the main points of the paper. The instructors will provide a list of suggested papers to present for each session. Students are also responsible for being the lead questioner on three (3) in-class paper presentations. This means that you will be expected to ask the presenter informed and relevant questions that will both help clarify the idea of the presented paper as well as stimulate further questions. You will be graded on your questions, just like for your presentations.

Booking a slot for presentation is conducted on the lecture before the presentation. There are three slots available during each presentation session. Slides are encouraged to help your presentation, and you may use your own laptop for this. You may also use the instructor's laptop, but in that case, slides must be provided as a PowerPoint or PDF file.

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