ECE 573 Compilers and Translators

Fall 2003


  • An exam preparation session for ECE 573 is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 13 in EE 317, 6-7:00 pm.
  • Sept 20 05: no class
  • Aug 26 05: Instead of the regular class, attend some of the Purdue's Future Engineer presentations.
  • Aug 26 05: Office Hours change, to We/Fr 8:30-10:00
  • Nov 3 05, attend David Kirk's seminar "Multiple Cores, Multiple Pipes, Multiple Threads Do we have more Parallelism than we can handle?", 9:00 AM. LAMB 108
    All students must fill out a Student Interest Form (no grades will be returned without this form) SIF for ECE573 students ,

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    Compiler tools are available at The Catalog of Compiler Construction Tools a web site maintained by the German National Research Center for Information Technology, Institute for Computer Architecture and Software Technology. The URL is

    Compiler Generator Tools

    ...that have been successfully used at Purdue...