ECE 650

EE-695A: Reliability Physics of Nanoelectronic Transistors

Offered: Every other year in Spring
Spring 2013: MWF 11:30-12:20, ECE 224 Office Hours: MWF 12:20-1:15

Course Objective

This course will focus on the physics of reliability of small semiconductor devices. In traditional courses on device physics, we learn how to compute current through a device when a voltage is applied. However, as transistors are turned on and off trillions of times during the years of the operation, gradually defects accumulate within the device so that at some point the transistor does not work anymore. The course will explore the physics and mathematics regarding how and when things break a topic of great interest to semiconductor industry.

Course Announcements

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  • 10/01/10 Welcome to the class. The classes begin on Feb. 11, 2010. There are two websites for this class -- the current one is open to anyone, the other google site will be used exclusively for the students of the class. If you are enrolled in the class, but if you have not received an email providing you access to the site, please see me.