ECE 469L: Operating Systems Engineering Labs

Known DLXOS bugs

Lab Schedule:

As the labs are held remotely this Semester, You are free to attend any of the lab session that is convenient according to your schedule.
You can find all the lab sessions here:
Please contact the corresponding TA on how to join the lab session of your choice.
The following chart shows the tentative schedule for EE469L.

First lab
Handout Testcases
Week 2
Introduction to the OS simulator (DLXOS), Trap

Week 3-5
Process synchronization Lab2
Week 6-9
Message Passing and Scheduling Lab3
Week 10-14
Memory Management Lab4
Week 15-18
File System Lab5_filesystem
Week 15-18
Linux File System Syscalls Lab5_regular

Lab Projects:

There will be 5 projects in EE469L. Lab 1 will be done individually and will not be graded. Labs 2 through 5 will be done by groups of two people (three people only if odd numbers are present).

Lab Policies

See our syllabus.