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ECE469: Operating Systems Engineering

The design and construction of operating systems for both individual computers and distributed (networked) systems. Basic concepts and methods for managing processor, main memory, block-structured storage, and network resources are covered. Detailed examples are taken from a number of operating systems, emphasizing the techniques used in networked versions of UNIX. These techniques are then applied to design improvements to portions of networked UNIX-based operating system; the improvements are then implemented in the associated laboratory course and performance is evaluated.

The student will, upon completion of this course, understand basic operating system concepts for both single computers and distributed (networked) systems. In particular, the student should become familiar with the techniques used within UNIX-derived operating systems. The associated laboratory experience augments this conceptual understanding of operating system design and construction by giving the student "hands-on" experience. 

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Lectures and Recitations:
01       Tue & Thu 4:30 - 5:45 pm FRNY G140 Prof. Aravind Machiry amachiry@purdue https://purdue.webex.com/meet/amachiry
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Course instructor:   Aravind Machiry   Thursday    10:15am - noon    Online (TBD)

Spring 2021 Course Materials

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  • Learning Objectives

    This document describes the mapping of questions in the Labs and Exams to the course learing objectives for ECE 469, and the requirements you need to meet in order to satisfy the ABET outcomes.

    The ABET outcome remediation homeworks are here. If you do not have the 6th (7th, or 8th) edition of the OSC book, you can download the remediation homework problems here.

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