ECE 57300: Problem Sets

Problem sets will normally be due by 11:30am on Fridays, right before class begins. Submissions will not be accepted after class starts.

While the problem sets will *not* be graded, the primary benefit is for your own study; midterm and exam questions will often be in the same format as the questions on the problem sets.

Make sure the following information is clearly visible and legible in the UPPER RIGHT CONER:

Your solution should be neat and legible. The writing should be dark enough to be easily read. If you can't write legibly, learn to use a mathematical formatting package (e.g. LaTeX).



Due on


PS 1

Friday, 11:30am, Sep 8

PS 1 Solutions

PS 2

Friday, 11:30am, Sep 22

PS 2 Solutions

PS 3

Friday, 11:30am, Oct 13

PS 3 Solutions

PS 4

Friday, 11:30am, Oct 27

PS 4 Solutions

PS 5

Friday, 11:30am, Nov 3

PS 5 Solutions

PS 6

Wednesday, 11:30am, Dec 6

PS 6 Solutions