Midterm 1

·  When: Wednesday, September 27 8:00pm-9:15pm

·  Where: KNOY B033

·  The exam is open book and open notes.

·  Topics: All topics covered from Lecture #1 to Lecture #6.

-          Focus on topics covered by PSet 1 and PSet 2. (Questions and Solutions)

-          There will be some multiple-choice questions about concepts of compilers, such as

o   Types of a compiler (difference between standard compiler and JIT compiler, etc.)

o   Phases of a compiler (front-end and back-end, scanner, parser, code generator, etc.)


·  There will be a review session on Wednesday, September 27.


·  The exam will follow the “I DON’T KNOW” rule: if you do not know the answer to a problem, you can simply write “I DON’T KNOW” and you will get 20% of the credit for that problem (for knowing you do not know the answer and saving us time for reading junk). The number of points you get in this manner cannot exceed 10 points across the whole exam.