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Post-Doctoral Researchers

Prof. Seung Young Park (now Professor at Kangwon National University)

Dr. Kyeongyeon Kim (now at Samsung)
Dr. Jaesang Ham (now at Samsung)

Dr. Byungju Lee

Graduated Students

Ph.D. 2005, Peilu (Perry) Ding (with Prof. Mike Zoltowski), now at Jump Trading

Ph.D. 2006, Tarkesh Pande (with Prof. Jim Krogmeier), now at Texas Instruments

Ph.D. 2007, Amir Dabbagh, now at Qualcomm

Ph.D. 2008, Jianqi Wang (with Prof. Mike Zoltowski), now at Facebook

Ph.D. 2008, Il Han Kim, now at Apple

Ph.D. 2010, Chun Kin Au Yeung, now at start-up

Ph.D. 2010, Dami Aluko (with Prof. Jim Krogmeier), now an entrepreneur

Ph.D. 2011, Taejoon Kim, now Assistant Professor at University of Kansas

Ph.D. 2012, Zac Chance, now at MIT Lincoln Labs

Ph.D. 2012, Mayur Agrawal (with Prof. V. Balakrishnan), now at WorldQuant

Ph.D. 2013, Sooyoung Hur (with Prof. Jim Krogmeier), now at Samsung

Ph.D. 2013, Andrew Duly (with Prof. Jim Krogmeier), now at AFRL

Ph.D. 2015, Junil Choi, now Assistant Professor at KAIST

Ph.D. 2015, Deepan Palguna (with Prof. Ilya Pollak), now at Zoox

Ph.D. 2015, Song Noh (with Prof. Mike Zoltowski), now Assistant Professor at Incheon National University

Ph.D. 2015, Andrew Marcum (with Prof. Jim Krogmeier), now at BBN

Ph.D. 2015, Dawei Ying, now at Intel

Ph.D. 2016, Ziad Ahmed, now at Qualcomm

Ph.D. 2017, Jiho Song, now Assistant Professor at University of Ulsan

Ph.D. 2018, Honyi Zhu (with Prof. Besma Smida), now at start-up

Ph.D. 2018, Ahmed Ibrahim, now at Samsung

Ph.D. 2019, Xianglun Mao (with Prof. Joseph Rispoli), now at Cedars-Sinai

M.S. 2007, Jackie Bryson

M.S. 2008, Kamesh Krishnamurthy

M.S. 2009, Xu Chen

M.S. 2010, Andrew Duly (with Prof. Jim Krogmeier)

M.S. 2012, Steve Beckley


Sample of Research Sponsors

Aruba Networks



National Science Foundation

Nokia Siemens Networks

SBC Foundation


Texas Instruments


For a list of my publications see my resume.


Also, check out my Grassmannian subspace packing page.