Douglas E. Adams, PhD

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Purdue University
Ray W. Herrick Laboratories
School of Mechanical Engineering
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1077
Telephone: (765) 496-6033

Current Research Interests:

Nonlinear dynamic system characterization and identification

Nonlinear dynamics are pervasive in engineered systems. The goal of this research is to develop more efficient and accurate methods for characterizing and identifying nonlinearity. "Characterization" involves detection, classification, and location of nonlinearities, whereas "identification" is a process in which data is acquired and processed, models are selected, and then parameters in the models are estimated. High-fidelity models for systems as diverse and complicated as aircraft, ground vehicles, and rotating systems can only be developed using this kind of dual analytical-experimental approach.

Noise and vibration control through system-based interaction

Noise and vibration are a major concern to manufacturers of civilian products like automobiles. Squeak & rattle, ride dynamics, and other areas of interest are being explored. Engineering designs are being adjusted to enable interactions within mechanical systems to mitigate unwanted noise or vibration. A system-based modeling and analysis approach is the framework for this research effort.

Structural health monitoring and prognostics

The safety and performance of all civilian and military structural materials and systems deteriorate with time. Because current manual inspection and maintenance scheduling procedures are time consuming, costly, and insensitive to small variations in structural health, there is an urgent economic and technological need to deploy automated structural diagnostic instrumentation for continuous evaluation of structural integrity and reliability. Many methods for loads identification and damage identification along with structural life prediction are being researched and implemented.