OUTREACH RELATED Dennis Buckmaster, Ph.D., P.E.
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Personal Information Hubbard Feeds Making Quality Forage 3/4/2013
Web Links   American Forage and Grassland Conference Equipment Aspects of Forage Harvesting 1/7/2013
      Kentuckyiana Dairy Exchange Selecting Forage Machinery 8/3/2010
Purdue University   California Nutrition Conference TMR Quality as Related to Mixer Wagons 5/27/2010
Purdue Engineering
Purdue Agriculture Purdue/Michelin Tractor Performance Field Day Traction Improvement 9/10/2009
Purdue ABE Department
American Association of Bovine Practitioners Proper use and maintenance of TMR mixers 9/8/2009
Davis Purdue Ag Center Field Day Traction Improvement 8/18/2009
Tri-State Nutrition Conference Optimizing performance of TMR mixers 4/21/2009
"DOWN" ON THIS PAGE Indiana Cattle & Forage Symposium How to reduce forage losses: harvest through storage 2/27/2009
Publications Purdue Integrated Corn Ethanol Co-Products Conference Co-ensiling of distiller's grains 11/18/2008
Purdue Forage Management Training Thought process to coensiling forage and byproducts 9/4/2008
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Purdue Biofuels symposium Electrolyte Leakage Suggests Shredding is Better than Chopping or Grinding 5/19/2008
Indiana Cattle & Forage Symposium Selecting forage machinery 2/15/2008
Indiana Hay Day Sizing forage machinery 6/26/2008
Purdue Top Crop Farmer Workshop Traction improvement: ballasting, tires, & inflation pressure 7/24/2007
Penn State Nutrition Conference TMR delivery and variability on the farm 11/9/2005
Delaware Hay Day Haying machinery basics 2004
Publications (click title for a copy)
Buckmaster, D.R. 2009. Optimizing performance of TMR mixers. Presented at Tri-State Nutrition Conference. Ft. Wayne, IN.
Buckmaster, D.R. 2009. Selecting forage machinery. Presented at Indiana Cattle and Forage Symposium. Indianapolis, IN.
Buckmaster, D.R. 2008. Sizing forage machinery. Presented at Indiana Hay Day. Grant County, IN.
Buckmaster, D.R. and K. Spangler. 2006. Manual dibbler. Penn State ABE Fact Sheet I-50.
Buckmaster, D.R. 2005. A vortex forage and biomass sample dryer. Penn State ABE Fact Sheet I-101.
D.J. Murphy and D.R. Buckmaster. 2003. Roll over protection for farm tractor operators. Penn State ABE Fact Sheet E-42.
Buckmaster, D.R. 2005. TMR delivery and variability on the farm. Presented at Penn State Nutrition Conference. Grantville, PA.
Tyson, J., R.E. Graves, and D.R. Buckmaster. 1996. Horizontal silos. Penn State ABE Fact Sheet H-76.
Buckmaster, D.R. 1993. Round hay bale storage. Penn State ABE Fact Sheet I-112.
Buckmaster, D.R. and K. Vandervort. 1993. Silo capacities. Penn State ABE Fact Sheet H-70.
Buckmaster, D.R. and B. Lundmark. 1992. Bacterial inoculants for silage. Penn State ABE Fact Sheet I-111.
Buckmaster, D.R. 1992. Indoor hay storage: dry matter loss and quality changes. Penn State ABE Fact Sheet I-102.
Buckmaster, D.R. 1990. Forage losses = economic losses, so minimize them. Penn State ABE Fact Sheet I-107.
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Ballast Assistant workbook
Machine capacity and tractor cost
Silo capacity
Hay storage evaluator