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Roy Stevenson, M.S., 1990 Energy requirements and quality changes in steam blanched alfalfa Cargill, Inc.
Eric Lowe, M.S., 1993 Evaluation of a high application rate of chemical conditioners for alfalfa. Fabral
Mark Gardner, M.S., 1994 Development of a mobile computer-controlled concentrate feeder. CNH, then went back to farming
Tianxiang Lin, M.S., 1995 Evaluation of an Optimized Engine-Fluid Power System in Place of a Mechanical Tractor Power Take-Off Gresen Fluid Power, Inc. purchased by Parker Fluid Power
Min Zhang, M.S., 1995 Efficient forage bale slicing PSU -- more grad school -- see below
Kevin Smith, M.S., 1996 A Prototype Large Round Bale Slicer for Total Mixed Rations CNH.
Rod Thomas, M.S., 1996 A Programmable, Multiple Supplement Cattle Feeder for Pasture Use PSU -- more grad school -- see below
Larry Hoover, M.S., 1998 Effects of Pre-Ensiled Processing on Nutritive Quality, Digestibility, Particle Size Distribution, and Compaction of Corn Silage CNH
Hadi Ayagi, M.S., 1998 Using Timeliness and Injury Costs to Improve Farmers' Machinery Cost Management Practices In Nigeria
Jeff Brown, M.S., 1999 Static Blade Slicing of Large Forage Bales for Total Mixed Rations (John) Deere & Co.
Rod Thomas, Ph.D., 2001 Development of a Computer Controlled Engine-Fluid Power Drive System for Replacing Mechanical Tractor Power Take-Off (PTO) Shafts PSU Ag & Biological Engineering Department
Jud Long, M.S., 2001 Development of an Automated Sampling for Collecting Silage Samples from a Forage Harvester CAT
Min Zhang, Ph.D., 2002 Design and evaluation of a corn-silage making system with shredding teaching at a private school in CA
Mike Sword, M.S., 2002 Improved Silage-Utilizing Shredding and Flail Cutting Farming & National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Matt Lawrence, M.S., 2004 A Machine to Precision Punch Plastic Mulch PSU -- more grad school -- see below
Mike Vassallo, M.S., 2006 Performance of Lactating Cattle Fed Shreded and Chopped Corn Silage Farming
Matt Lawrence, Ph.D., 2007 Optimizing plastic fuel pellet production using electrohydraulics Alfred State College
Bart Coffman, M.S., 2009 Evaluation of a Linear Shredder Considering Energy and Material Activity Access (John) Deere & Co.
Josh Heber, M.S., 2011 CAN-based instrumented IVT for instruction Cummins
Kyle Bailey, M.S., 2012 Effect of seed tube modifications on corn planting uniformity Koenig Equipment
Katie Bartlett, M.S., 2012 solving fuel co-products challenges for feeding Farm Credit
Kyle Brune, M.S., 2012 Tomato staking alternatives and automation farming in IN
John Michel, M.S. CAN-based electrohydraulics for instruction Daylight Farm Supply, current student
Noah Freeman, Ph.D. to be determined current student, Ag Reliant Genetics
Shawn Ehlers, M.S. 2013 shredding of forage and biomass now Ph.D. student at Purdue
J.T. Welte, M.S. Autogenic technologies for mobile machinery current student
Sam Noel, M.S. Water management apps current student
Jiechao (Simon) Ma, Ph.D. Agricultural Machinery current student
Elizabeth Hawkins, Ph.D. Farm Management Information Systems current student
Matt Koester, M.S. Farm Information Management current student
Refereed Publications (click for a pdf copy) count
Buckmaster, D.R., D. Wang, and H. Wang. 2014. Assessing uniformity of total mixed rations. Appl. Eng. In Agr. 30(5):693-698. 45
Gunn, P.J., D.R. Buckmaster, R.P. Lemenager, M.L. Van Emon, M.C. Claeys, and S.L. Lake. 2013. Preservation characteristics of modified wet distillers grains with solubles stored with marginal-quality feedstuffs in laboratory-scale mini silos. Professional Animal Scientist 29:671-676. 44
Arias, R.P . L.J. Unruh-Snyder, E.J. Scholljegerdes, A.N. Baird, K.D. Johnson, D.R. Buckmaster, R.P. Lemenager, and S.L. Lake. 2012. Effect of feeding direct-cut grass co-ensiled with corn modified wet distiller’s grain plus soluble on feedlot performance 43
Gunn, P.J., R.P. Lemenager, D.R. Buckmaster, M.C. Claeys, and S.L. Lake. 2011. Effects of dried distiller’s grains with soluble and crude glycerin on performance, carcass characteristics, and metabolic parameters of early weaned calves. Prof. Anim. Sci.,  42
Wang, D., D.R. Buckmaster, Y. Jiang, and J. Hua. 2011. Experimental study on baling rice straw silage. International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 4(1):1-6. 41
Lawrence, M.J., J.W. Garthe, and D.R. Buckmaster. 2010. Producing solid fuel from non-recyclable agricultural plastics. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 26(2):217-232. 40
Buckmaster, D.R. 2009. Equipment matching for silage harvest. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 25(1):31-36. 39
XLSX spreadsheet implementation
Buckmaster. D.R. 2008. Assessing Activity Access of Forage and Biomass. Trans. Of the ASABE. 51(6):1879-1884. 38
Buckmaster, D.R. 2007. An Off-Road Equipment Minor. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 23(5):691-694. 37
Lawrence, M.J., D.R. Buckmaster, and W.J. Lamont. 2007. A pneumatic dibbling machine for plastic mulch. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 23(4):419-424. 36
Zimmerman, A.P., R.G. Johnson, T.S. Hoover, J.W. Hilton, P.H. Heinemann, and D.R. Buckmaster. 2006. Comparison of personality types and learning styles of engineering students, agricultural systems management students, and faculty in agricultural and biol 35
Thomas, R. S. and D. R. Buckmaster. 2005. Development of a Computer Controlled, Hydraulic, Power Take-Off (PTO) System.  Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers. 48(5):1669-1675.  34
Transport needs for SP harvesters Buckmaster, D. R. and J. W. Hilton. 2005. Computerized cycle analysis of harvest, transport, and unload systems. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 47(1):137-147. 33
XLS spreadsheet implementation
Rotz, C. A., D. R. Buckmaster, and J. W. Comerford. 2005. A beef herd model for simulating feed intake, animal performance, and manure excretion in farm systems. Journal of Animal Science. 83(1):231-242.  32
Zhang, M., M. L. Sword, D. R. Buckmaster, and G. R. Cauffman. 2003. Design and evaluation of a corn silage making system with shredding and flail cutting. Transactions of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers 46(6):1503-1511.  31
Long, J. P. and D.R. Buckmaster. 2003. Development of an automated system for sampling crop material from a forage harvester. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 19(2):30-37. 30
Tractor cost model
Buckmaster, D. R.  2003.  Benchmarking tractor costs.  Applied Engineering in Agriculture 19(2):168-171. 29
XLS spreadsheet implementation, English units
XLS spreadsheet implementation, SI units
Kononoff, P. J., A. J. Heinrichs, and D. R. Buckmaster.  2003.  Modification of the Penn State forage and TMR particle separator and the effects of moisture content on its measurements.  Journal of Dairy Science 86(5):1858-1863.   28
Thomas, R. S., D. R. Buckmaster. 2003. Relative safety of traditional agricultural tractor power take off (PTO) drivelines compared to fluid power – a review.  Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health 9(3):241-250.  27
Thomas, R. S. and D. R. Buckmaster. 2003. A programmable, multiple supplement cattle feeder for pasture use. Applied Engineering in Agriculture 19(4):511-520.  26
Shredding corn harvester
Heinrichs, A. J., D. R. Buckmaster, and B. P. Lammers.  1999.  Processing, mixing, and particle size reduction of forages for dairy cattle.  Journal of Animal Science 77(1):180-186. 25