AAE 551 Design Theory and Methods for Aerospace Systems
Professor Crossley
Spring 2017



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A&AE 551 "Design Theory and Methods for Aerospace Systems" is a course taught to graduate and senior-standing undergraduate students in the School of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Purdue University.  This course provides an introduction to design theory and design methods, along with a discussion of systems engineering, emphasizing application to the aerospace industry.  The course is appropriate for students interested in either aeronautics or astronautics (or both).

This public web-site contains basic information about the AAE 551 class, including contact information for the instructor and teaching assistant(s), the syllabus, a list of topics, and an overview of the class discussions.  The distribution of reading material, project assignments, etc. uses Purdue's Blackboard Learn site.  Students must register for AAE 551 to access the class page on Blackboard Learn.

The instructor often updates and modifies these pages to meet the needs of the class, so some links might not work exactly as expected.  All material needed for class should be available; if you find this is not the case, please e-mail the instructor.  Any information given in class will supersede information given in these pages.

Meeting Times and Location

Tuesday and Thursday

10:30am-11:15am (Eastern)

WTHR 360


Professor William A. Crossley
ARMS 3209
phone: 765-496-2872
e-mail: crossley (at)

Office Hours
to be determined
please e-mail to arrange an appointment at times other than scheduled office hours

Teaching Assistants

If TA assigned, information will be added here

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