Research Interests

Durability of the Concrete due to Transport of Fluids and Ionic Species

The durability of the concrete is largely governed by the diffusive transport of fluids and ionic species. Chloride ingress is widely recognized as one factor that contributes to the corrosion of the reinforcement steel in concrete. The ingress of chloride ions reduces the natural passivity of steel reinforcement and promotes the formation of corrosion products reducing the durability of the concrete.

While internal curing was originally adapted as effective method to reduce shrinkage and early age cracking, it has been observed that internally cured concrete can also reduce the transport of fluid and chloride ion ingress.
The chloride transport performances in plain and internally cured concrete are evaluated using several tests: Surface resistivity, Rapid chloride penetration, Rapid chloride migration, Migration cell testing Chloride ponding and profiling.
The determination of the chloride transport performance is necessary to predict the service life of the concrete.

Rapid Chloride Penetration (RCP) tests cells.


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