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Taking the ABET quizzes (Posted April 24)

  1. This set of quizzes is for both sections of students.
  2. You should take all of them.
  3. A score of 50% or higher for each ABET quiz is necessary to show that you have achieved the corresponding course outcome.
  4. Three attempts are allowed for each quiz. The highest score for each quiz will be recorded.
  5. The quizzes should be completed by 5/2/2003, 5pm (local time).
These are the steps that you would have to take in order to complete the quizzes:
  1. Use explorer as your web browser; otherwise greek characters may not be displayed correctly.
  2. Go to the Purdue WebCT site
  3. Use your purdue id and password to log in. This is a secure site. The log in icon is at the upper right corner ("Log on to WebCT").
  4. Click on the "ECE 255" link to go to the ECE 255 course web page.
  5. Click on the "ABET" link to access the four quizzes.
  6. For each quiz, three attempts are allowed. Each attempt has a time limit of 30 minutes. Thirty minutes must lapse between attempts.
  7. For each question, select the best answer, and click "Save answer" before proceeding to the next question. You are allowed to revisit questions and make changes. To submit the quiz, click "Finish".
  8. To assist you, a progress summary is provided. It shows the time remaining for you to complete the quiz (updated every time you save an answer). The color of the time gives you an indication of how far the allocated time has progressed (green, blue, and red respectively indicate that you are in the early, middle, and final stages of the quiz. The questions that you have answered (and saved) are shown with green stars, and those you have not red dots.

Grades for the quizzes (Posted April 4)

Please use your Purdue ID and password to access the protected site.

Tentative Schedule (Posted Feb 21)

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