ECE637: Digital Image Processing I
Spring 2021
Purdue University
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Session 1: Introduction to Class

Session 2: Introduction to GitHub and C compiling

Session 3: The CTFT and CSFT

Session 4: 2D Transforms and Sinusoids Functions

Session 5: GitHub, Anaconda, and Compiling with C; Optical Imaging

Session 6: Tomographic Imaging

Session 7: The Radon Transform, and Beer's Law

Session 8: Convolution Back Projection (CBP)

Session 9: Magnatic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Session 10: MRI>

Session 11: MRI>

Session 12: C-programing and the DTFT

Session 13: the DSFT

Session 14: Sampling and focal plane arrays

Session 15: FIR Filters

Session 16: Exam

Session 17: IIR Filters and Windowing

Session 18: Probability

Session 19: Properties of RVs and Random Processes

Session 20: Stationary Random Processes and Power Spectra

Session 21: Power Spectral Density

Session 22: Multivariate Gaussian Vectors

Session 23: Eigendecomposition and SVD

Session 24: SVD and Edge Detection

Session 25: Connected Components and Segmentation

Session 26: Intro to Color

Session 27: Achromatic Vision and Contrast

Session 28: Gamma Correction

Session 29: Color Matching

Session 30: The Color Matching Functions

Session 31: XYZ Color Matching Functions

Session 32: Additive and Substractive Color Spaces

Session 33: Chromaticity Coordinates

Session 35: Imaginary Colors and the Chromaticity Diagram

Session 36: Color Transforms

Session 37: Opponent Color

Session 38: Image Restoration

Session 39: MMSE and Least Squares Estimation

Session 40: Convolutional Neural Networks

Session 41: Convolutional Neural Networks

Session 42: Nonlinear Filters and M-Estimators

Session 43: Bilateral Filters and Non-Local Means Filters