EE637Q_: Digital Image Processing I
Spring 2007
Purdue University
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Prof. Charles A. Bouman

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Session #   Topic
Session 1 Introduction
Session 2 CTFT and CSFT
Session 3 CSFT and Rep and Comb Relations
Session 4 CSFT and Rep and Comb Relations Continued
Session 5 Optical Imaging Systems
Session 6 Helical Scan Multislice CT and PET
Session 7 Tomographic Reconstruction: Fourier Slice Theorem and FBP
Session 8 FBP and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Session 9 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); DTFT and DSFT
Session 10 The DTFT, DSFT, and Sampling
Session 12 Sampling and focal plane arrays
Session 13 2D Reconstruction and Color Matrixing
Session 14 2D FIR and IIR Filters
Session 15 Random Variables
Session 16 Random Processes
Session 18 Edge Detection and Connected Components
Session 19 Segmentation and clustering
Session 20 Achromatic Vision
Session 21 Achromatic Vision and Gamma
Session 21 Achromatic Image Fidelity Metrics
Session 22 Review and Image Fidelity Metrics
Session 22 Color Vision and Optical Illusions
Session 22 Tristimulus Model of Color Vision
Session 22 Color Matching Functions and Metameric Colors
Session 26 The RGB/CMY Color Cube
Session 27 Chromaticity Transforms and Diagrams
Session 28 Chromaticity Diagrams and Color Transformations
Session 29 Color Standards and Transforms
Session 30 Opponent Color Systems
Session 31 Quality Metrics
Session 32 More Quality Metrics and Rate Conversion
Session 33 Image Restoration
Session 34 Image Restoration
Session 36 M-Estimators and Halftoning
Session 37 Halftoning - Screening
Session 37 Halftoning - Error Diffusion
Session 38 More Error Diffusion
Session 39 Information, Entropy, and Mutual Information
Session 40 Entropy and Huffman Coding
Session 41 Image Enhancement and Restoration
Session 42 ?Rate-Distortion and Lossy Image Coding
Session 43 ?Rate-Distortion for Vectors and Random Processes