HAADF-STEM Tomography


HAADF-STEM tomography is widely used in the physical sciences for 3-D reconstructions because it is not effected by the dynamical diffraction effects seen in BF-ET. Since the data comes from a limited-tilt acquisition, analytical methods like FBP and iterative method like SIRT can result in reconstructions with noise and streak artifacts. In this work, we propose an MBIR method for HAADF-STEM tomography that can result in significant improvements in reconstruction quality. Further, it can also account for missing calibration parameters that are associated with the measurement.

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S.V. Venkatakrishnan, L.F. Drummy, M. Jackson, M. De Graef, J.P. Simmons, and C.A. Bouman, "A Model Based Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm for High Angle Annular Dark Field Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (HAADF-STEM) Tomography," IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol 22, Issue 11 (Nov 2013). (pdf)

C++ Based Software (with GUI)

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Software supports aligned input files stored in FEI mrc format
New [4/20/2014] : Added support for non-FEI MRC. See this very short video tutorial.

Software Source Code

All code is available from the Git Repository server. (Master branch)