5155 Pennwood Dr.

Indianapolis , IN 46205

(317) 968-9049

(877) 861-0032 ext. 1049 (Toll-free)

Email: sclossey@thetrangramway.org

Website: www.thetangramway.org


Disabling Conditions Served: Developmental and physical disabilities, age-related mobility impairments


Users Served: People with disabilities, older adults, and their families living in Marion, Hancock, Shelby, Johnson, and Hamilton counties


Services Provided:

• Supervised/supported group living

• Children's services

Employment services

Community living and access services

Home healthcare services

Housing assistance


Resources Available:

The Independent Voice newsletter


Other Offices: Satellite offices are located in Greenfield and Shelbyville. Contact the main office in New Palestine for more information.




1025 Vermont Ave. , NW, Suite 300

Washington, DC 20005

(202) 540-9020

Email: kbuford@tash.org

Website:  www.tash.org


Disabling Conditions Served: All severe disabilities


Users Served: People with severe disabilities


Services Provided:



Referral Services


Resources Available:

TASH newsletter

DC Update

Journal of the Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps

Various books, articles, and resource lists



Through the Looking Glass

2198 Sixth St., #100

Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 848-1005

(800) 644-2666 (Toll-free Voice)

(510) 848-4445 (FAX)

Email: tlg@lookingglass.org

Website: www.lookingglass.org


Disabling Conditions Served: All disabilities and medical conditions


Users Served: Parents or grandparents who have a disability or medical issue


Services Provided:

Free nationwide consultation regarding pregnancy, birthing, custody, adoption, adaptive baby care equipment, and other issues concerning parents with disabilities and their families

Nationwide training and workshops to parents, family members, and advocates as well as legal, medical, and social service practitioners

Evaluations of parents with disabilities involved in marital or child custody situations


Resources Available:

Brochures, fact sheets, articles, videos, newsletters, books and other publications concerning parenting with a disability

National clearinghouse of resources and materials for parents with disabilities

National Parent-to-Parent Network of parents with disabilities

Curricula for occupational therapists, professionals working with parents with intellectual disabilities, pregnancy and birthing specialists, and legal practitioners as well as students and interns in these fields

Research data on parents with disabilities and their families

Training and support for the development of local and statewide task forces concerning parenting with a disability


Tourette Syndrome Association

42-40 Bell Blvd., Suite 205

Bayside, NY 11361

(718) 224-2999

(800) 237-0717

(718) 279-9596 (FAX)

Website: www.tsa-usa.org


Disabling Conditions Served: Tourette syndrome


Users Served: People who have Tourette syndrome


Services Provided:

Dissemination of information about TS to families and professionals

Support groups

Development of lists of doctors who diagnose and treat TS

Representation of members to the government


Local Chapter:

Tourette Syndrome Association-Indiana Chapter

P.O. Box 49

Clear Creek, IN 47426-0049

(812) 333-7076


Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance

801 Roeder Rd., Suite 750

Silver Spring, MD 20910-4467

(800) 225-6872

(301) 562-9890

(301) 562-9870 (FAX)

Email: info@tsalliance.org

Website: www.tsalliance.org


Disabling Conditions Served: Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC)


Users Served: Those who have tuberous sclerosis complex and their families, healthcare professionals, and educators


Services Provided:

Regional TSC conferences

Government advocacy

Support network


Information and referral


Resources Available:

Tuberous Sclerosis journal

Perspective newsletter

Fact sheets, books, and brochures





Breaking New Ground
Purdue University
ABE Bldg., 225 S. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2093
(800) 825-4264 or (765) 494-5013