National Alliance on Mental Illness

Indiana Affiliate

PO Box 22697

Indianapolis, IN 46222-0697

(317) 925-9399

(800) 677-6442

(317) 925-9398 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: Mental illnesses


Users Served: Adults and children


Services Available:





Resources Available:

Illness Like Any Other (an overview of mental illness)

Depressive Disorders in Children and Adolescents

Seeking Answers...Getting Help: Facing Concerns About Your Child’s Mental Health

Understanding Bipolar Disorder: What You Need to Know About This Medical Illness


National Amputation Foundation

40 Church St.

Malverne, NY 11565

(516) 887-3600

(516) 887-3667 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: Amputations


Users Served: Amputees


Services Provided:

Donated medical equipment giveaway program to those in need (items must be picked up at office)

Social activities such as bingo held in veterans’ hospitals

Liaison with outside groups—list of support groups

“Amp to Amp” program


Resources Available:

Psychological Aspects of Amputation booklet

Things to Know About Artificial Limbs booklet

Various other publications



National Association of the Deaf

8630 Fenton St., Suite 820

Silver Spring, MD 20910

(301) 587-1788

(301) 587-1789 (TTY)

(301) 587-1791 (FAX)



Users Served: Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing adults; family members, colleagues, and other interested people, including professionals and service providers


Services Provided:

Biennial national conferences

Described and captioned media programs

Education policy and program development center

Government affairs interventions

Information and outreach

Junior NAD

Law center

Miss Deaf America program

Youth leadership camp


Resources Available:

NADmag a bimonthly member magazine

Books and other informational material


National Ataxia Foundation

2600 Fernbrook Ln., Suite 119

Minneapolis, MN 55447

(763) 553-0020

(763) 553-0167 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: Ataxia


Users Served: Individuals who have ataxia, and their families


Services Provided:

Location of persons and families with ataxia

Development and encouragement of ongoing patient communication

Assistance with social and clinical needs

Promotion of public and medical awareness

Funding and coordination of medical research


Resources Available:

Generations bulletin

Hereditary Ataxia pamphlet

Various other publications


National Attention Deficit Disorder Association

PO Box 7557

Wilmington, DE 19803

(800) 939-1019 (Phone/FAX)




Conditions Served: Attention deficit disorder (ADD)


Users Served: Individuals with ADD and others who care for and love them


Services Provided:



Public advocacy

Annual conference

Local support groups (see Website for list)


Resources Available:


Focus quarterly newsletter

Internet resources



National Braille Association, Inc.

95 Allens Creek Rd., Bldg. 1, Suite 202

Rochester, NY 14618

(585) 427-8260

(585) 427-0263(FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: Visual impairments


Users Served: Braille readers and transcribers who prepare reading materials for the blind


Services Provided:

Duplication of braille materials from a collection of textbooks, foreign language, mathematics, music, and general interest items (there is a fee for these services)

Braille transcription of educational, vocational, and recreational reading matter

Continuing education seminars and workshops for experienced braille transcribers, tactile illustrators, and production workers


Resources Available:

Catalogs of braille collection in regular print and braille ($5.00 each)

NBA Bulletin issued quarterly

Publications and guidelines for preparing braille, tape, and large print materials


National Catholic Partnership on Disability (NCPD)

415 Michigan Ave., NE, Suite 95

Washington, DC 20017-4501

(202) 529-2933

(202) 529-2934 (TTY)

(202) 529-4678 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: All disabilities


Users Served: All seeking ministry resources and information on people with disabilities in the Catholic Church


Services Provided:

• Promoting access and meaningful inclusion of those with disabilities and their families in the ministries, celebrations, and obligations of their faith and in society


National Center on Accessibility

Indiana University Research Park

501 North Morton St., Suite 109

Bloomington, IN 47404

(812) 856-4422 (Voice)

(812) 856-4421 (TTY)

(812) 856-4480 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: All disabilities


Users Served: People with disabilities in recreation, parks, and tourism


Services Provided:

• Technical assistance via phone or email

• Training and educational programs

Educational programs for organizations that are designing their leisure areas and programs for accessibility

• Resource articles and distance learning via web

• Research


Resources Available:


Quarterly newsletter


National Center on Physical Activity and Disability

Department of Disability and Human Development
University of Illinois at Chicago
1640 W. Roosevelt Rd., Suite 711

Chicago, IL 60608-6904

(800) 900-8086 (Voice/TTY)

(312) 355-4058 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: All disabilities


Resources Available:

• AIMFREE accessibility tool

• Exercise videos for those with a wide variety of disabilities

Discover camp booklet

Discover leisture booklet

Directories with searchable listings of accessible programs and organizations


• MyNCPAD personalized tools for physical activity goal-keeping

• Monthly Newsletter

• Your Writes, a place for visitors to express opionions, experiences, and tell stories about healthy, active lifestyles  

National Council on the Aging

1901 L Street NW , 4th Floor

Washington , DC 20036

(202) 479-1200

(202) 479-6674 (TDD)

(202) 479-0735 (FAX)



Disabling Conditions Served: The aging popula­tion, including aging individuals with disabilities


Services Provided:

• Annual conferences

• Advocacy

• Research support

• Workforce development

Family Friends volunteer network

RespectAbility program

• Senior Center National Accreditation Program


Resources Available:

BenefitsCheckUp online medical benefits search program

Long Term Care Counselor Web-based decision-making tool

Current Literature on Aging bibliography with prices included

Innovations quarterly journal

NCOA Week newsbrief

Vital Aging Report newsletter

Specialized publications for members and professionals in the aging-field and general interest publications for seniors.  Both available for purchase online or by phone.

Free downloads of research reports



National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

1825 Connecticut Ave., NW, Suite 700

Washington, DC 20013-1492

(800) 695-0285 (Voice/TTY)

(202) 884-8200 (Voice/TTY)




Disabling Conditions Served: All disabilities


Users Served: Focus on information related to children from birth until they exit high school


Services Provided:

Information, resources, and referral

Technical assistance


Resources Available:

Disability fact sheets

Publications specifically for parents

• State specific information

• Information on IDEA, the nation's special eduaction law

Materials in Spanish


National Down Syndrome Society

666 Broadway 8th Floor

New York, NY 10012

(212) 460-9330

(800) 221-4602




Disabling Conditions Served: Down syndrome


Users Served: Individuals with Down syndrome, family members, and professionals


Services Provided:

Affiliate program of parent support groups

Information and referral

Advocacy and public awareness


Resources Available:

A Promising Future Together: A Guide for New and Expectant Parents

Other educational brochures and booklets on Down syndrome

Everyone Counts – inclusion curriculum


National Family Caregivers Association

10400 Connecticut Ave., Suite 500

Kensington, MD 20895-3944

(301) 942-6430

(800) 896-3650

(301) 942-2302 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: All disabilities


Users Served: Family caregivers


Services Provided:






Resources Available:

Love, Honor & Value: A Family Caregiver Speaks Out, by Suzanne Mintz, NFCA’s President and cofounder

Brochures, bookmarks, and pamphlets available for purchase

Take Care newsletter

Online caregiver resource page, including answers to frequently asked questions, Website links, and contact information for caregiver and caregiver-related organizations


Membership to the National Family Caregivers Association is free to all family caregivers.  Membership entitles individuals to receive brochures and bookmarks, as well as a quarterly newsletter.


National Kidney Foundation of Indiana

911 East 86th St., Suite 100

Indianapolis, IN 46240-1840

(317) 722-5640

(800) 382-9971

(317) 722-5650 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: Diseases of the kidney and urinary tract


Users Served: Individuals who have diseases of the kidney and urinary tract


Services Provided:

Organ donor program

Counseling and referral

Emergency funding for patient needs

Prescription discount program

Health planning

Medical alert identification tags

Patient advocacy

Youth camps

Public and professional education


Resources Available:

High Blood Pressure and Your Kidneys pamphlet

NKFI Programs and Services brochure

Various other free pamphlets, publications, and films


National Multiple Sclerosis Society–Indiana State Chapter

3500 DePauw Boulevard, Suite 1040

Indianapolis, IN 46268

(317) 870-2500


(317) 870-2520 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: Multiple sclerosis


Users Served: Individuals with multiple sclerosis, their families, employers, and health professionals


Services Provided:

Referrals, information, and counseling

• Financial assistance programs

Statewide network of self-help groups



Resources Available:

MS Connection quarterly newsletter

• Momentum quarterly magazine

Various brochures, books, videos, DVD’s and CD’s


Local Self-Help Group Locations:

See Website for listing of more than 30 groups.


The National Neurofibromatosis Foundation, Inc.

95 Pine St., 16th Fl.

New York, NY 10005

(212) 344-6633

(800) 323-7938 (Toll-free)

(212) 747-0004 (FAX)



Disabling Conditions Served: Neurofibromatosis


Users Served: Individuals with neurofibromatosis and their families


Services Provided:

Youth summer camps

Referral to NF clinics

Online bulletin board and chat room


Resources Available:

Newsletters, both national and international

Questions and Answers about Neurofibromatosis brochure

Online resources including information about NF, a listing of activities by state, and Web links to other NF resources


National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)

55 Kenosia Avenue

PO Box 1968

Danbury, CT 06813-1968

(203) 744-0100

(800) 999-NORD (6673) (Voice mail only)

(203) 797-9590 (TDD)

(203) 798-2291 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: All rare disorders


Users Served: Individuals who have rare disorders or “orphan diseases”


Services Provided:

Organizational and rare disease databases

Education of the public and professionals

Research support



Medication assistance program


Resources Available:

Orphan Disease Update newsletter

NORD Resource Guide

e-mail News Blasts

Free booklets for physicians and other medical professionals

Various articles on rare diseases

Library of Website links to related programs and services


National Organization on Disability (NOD)

1625 K St., NW, Suite 802

Washington, DC 20006

(202) 293-5960

(202) 506-1968 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: All disabilities


Users Served: Persons with disabilities


Services Provided:

Community Partnership Program – disabled persons’ network

Public awareness of disability issues and needs


Resources Available:

NOD brochure

How to Organize a Local Community Program

Community Partnership Program description


Community Partnership Awards booklet

Media Tips article on how to gain media attention

Capitol News update on disability legislation

Initiatives newsletter on business and disability

Disabled Citizens at the Polls: A Guide for Election Officials manual

Assisting Disabled Citizens at the Polls voter card for poll workers

Emergency Preparedness Initiative guide


National Parkinson Foundation

1501 NW 9th Ave. / Bob Hope Road

Miami, FL 33136-1494

(305) 243-6666

(800) 327-4545

(305) 243-6073 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: Parkinson’s Disease


Users Served: Parkinson’s Disease patients and their families


Services Provided:

Network of NPF centers, chapters, and support groups

Grant programs

Allied Team Training (Parkinson training for allied healthcare professionals)

Local support groups


Resources Available:

Free print publications available for download in both Spanish and English

The Parkinson Report magazine


Parkinson’s Disease medical alert cards

All resources may be ordered online


National Rehabilitation Association

633 S. Washington St.

Alexandria, VA 22314-4193

(703) 836-0850

(703) 836-0849 (TDD)

(703) 836-0848 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: All disabilities


Users Served: Persons with disabilities, profes­sionals, and parents


Programs Provided:

Job Placement Division (JPD)

National Association of Rehabilitation Support Staff (NARSS)

National Association for Rehabilitation Leadership (NARL)

National Rehabilitation Counseling Association (NRCA)

Vocational Evaluation & Work Adjustment Association (VEWAA)

National Association for Independent Living (NAIL)

National Association of Service Providers In Private Rehab (NASPPR)

National Association of Multicultural Rehabilitation Concerns (NAMRC)


Services Provided:

Promotion of disability awareness for the general public and professionals

Annual national convention and governmental affairs seminar

State, regional, and division conferences


Resources Available:

Journal of Rehabilitation

Contemporary Rehab NRA newsletter


National Rehabilitation Information Center

8201 Corporate Dr., Suite 600

Landover, MD 20875

(301) 459-5900

(301) 459-5984 (TTY)

(800) 346-2742 (Toll-free)

(301) 458-4263 (FAX) 




Disabling Conditions Served: All disabilities


Users Served: Consumers, researchers, family members, health professionals, educators, rehabilitation counselors, students, librarians, and administrators


Services Provided:

Reference, research, and referral

Aid in clarifying information needs

Resource library

Access to REHABDATA and other databases

Copies of materials in NARIC’s collection (five cents per page, $5 USD minimum)


Resources Available:

REHABDATA Thesaurus ($25.00)

Reports and papers (five cents per page, $5 USD minimum)

NIDRR Program Directory ($5.00)

Information sheets (free)


National Spinal Cord Injury Association

1 Church St.

Rockville, MD 20850

(301) 214-4006

(800) 962-9629 (Toll-free help-line)

(866) 387-2196 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: Spinal cord injuries


Users Served: Individuals with spinal cord injuries and their families


Services Provided:

Peer support


Annual conferences


Resources Available:

SCI Life quarterly newspaper


National Stroke Association

9707 E. Easter Ln., Suite B

Centennial, CO 80112

(303) 649-9299

(800) 787-6537




Disabling Conditions Served: Disabilities related to stroke


Users Served: Stroke survivors and their families, physical, occupational and speech therapists, pro­fessionals, and rehabilitation centers


Services Provided:

Information and referral


Development of workshops

Help in starting stroke clubs and support groups

Promotion of research


Resources Available:

Be Stroke Smart newsletter

Other publications and price lists upon request


The National Tay-Sachs & Allied Diseases Association, Inc.

2001 Beacon St., Suite 204

Boston, MA 02135

(800) 90-NTSAD (906-8723)

(617) 277-0134 (FAX)




 Disabling Conditions Served: Tay-Sachs, Canavan Disease, and allied disorders which include all the lysosomal storage diseases and leukodystrophies


 Users Served: Individuals and families affected by Tay-Sachs, Canavan, and related allied diseases


 Services Provided:

Peer Support Group – consists of parents, extended family, family in-spirit, as well as affected adults, their families, and caregivers

Other support groups


Advocacy services

Scientific advisory committee

Tay-Sachs carrier screening information

Adult Tay-Sachs Carrier Testing Laboratory quality control program

Educational programs

Prevention services



 Resources Available:

What Every Family Should Know booklet

What is Tay-Sachs Disease?

Home care manual


New Horizons Rehabilitation, Inc.

 PO Box 98

 237 Six Pine Ranch Rd.

 Batesville, IN 47006

 (812) 934-4528 (Voice/TDD)

 (812) 934-2522 (FAX)




 Disabling Conditions Served:  All disabilities


 Users Served:  Adults and children


 Services Provided:

Medicaid waiver services – home and community

Supported living/residential support

Supported employment

Sheltered employment

Day programs



Noble of Indiana

7701 East 21st St.

Indianapolis, IN 46219

(317) 375-2700

(317) 375-2719 (FAX)




Disabling Conditions Served: Developmental delays


Users Served: Children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families


Services Provided:

Children’s services

Summer day camps

School-to-work program

Supported employment

Work crews

Noble Industries

Adult day services

Respite care


North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, Inc. (NARHA)

PO Box 33150

Denver, CO 80233

(303) 452-1212

(800) 369-7433




Disabling Conditions Served: Physical, psychological, and learning disabilities


Users Served: Individuals or groups interested in participating in, beginning, or learning about equine assisted activities


Services Provided:

Promote the rehabilitation of individuals with disabilities through equine assisted activities

Help organizations/individuals establish new therapeutic riding centers

Support related medical research

Train and certify therapeutic riding instructors

Provide affordable insurance

Center accreditation and instructor certification

• Regional workshops for instructors, administrators, therapists, and volunteers

A conference and an annual meeting every fall (a four-day event) that includes networking meetings, seminars, and demonstrations geared towards instructors, therapists, and administrators


Resources Available:

NARHA Membership Directory

NARHA Strides quarterly magazine


The Stall Street Journal (designed for parents, donors, and the general public)


There are approximately 700 NARHA member centers in the U.S. and Canada. A list of centers may be found on the Website.

Local Riding Programs:

Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources, Inc.

24950 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

Cicero, IN 46034

(317) 773-7433




Beamer-Paloma Center

15463 Wildflower Lane

Westfield, IN 46074

(317) 710-1470



Bright Hope Riders of the Wabash Valley

6010 E. Devonald Ave.

Terre Haute, IN 47805

(812) 466-2334



The Children’s TherAplay Foundation, Inc.

9919 Towne Rd.

Carmel, IN 46032

(317) 872-4166




Children’s Therapy Plus, Inc.

6504 East 129th Ave.

Crown Point, IN 46307

(219) 662-7654




East Central Indiana Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

12120 S. Co. Rd. 500 E.

Selma, IN 47383

(765) 774-3702


Program location: Muncie, IN


Edelweiss Equine-Assisted Therapy Center, Inc.

5214 South State Road 9

Greenfield, IN 46140

(317) 861-8617



EquiVenture Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

PO Box 2573

Kokomo, IN 46904

(765) 455-2408




Exceptional Equestrians Unlimited, Inc.

5308B E. 61st Ave.

Hobart, IN 46342

(219) 945-0726




Freedom Reins Therapeutic Riding Center

1407 W. 31st St.

Jasper, IN 47546

(812) 482-3874




Indianapolis Institute For Families, Inc.

652 N. Girls School Rd., Suite 135

Indianapolis, IN 46214

(317) 271-3500




Lennon and Associates, P.C.

PO Box 501

Carmel, IN 46032

(317) 575-9645




LoveWay, Inc.

54151 C.R. #33

Middlebury, IN 46540

(574) 825-5666




Manlief Equine Center, Inc.

3805 E. St. Rd. 244

Rushville, IN 46173

(812) 593-0606



Morning Dove Therapeutic Riding, Inc.

PO Box 721

Zionsville, IN 46077

(317) 873-9636




Mounted Miracles Therapeutic SMWC Riding Program

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College

3301 St. Mary’s Rd.

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, IN 47876

(812) 535-5239




People and Animal Learning Services (PALS)

PO Box 1033

680 W. That Rd.

Bloomington, IN 47402

(812) 336-2798 (Voice and FAX)




Q.M.F. Special Equestrians, LTD

4315 W 133rd Ave.

Crown Point, IN 46307

(219) 663-5120


Red Cedar

3900 Hursh Rd.

Fort Wayne, IN 46845

(260) 744-6145




Reins of Life, Inc.

55200 Quince Road

South Bend, IN 46619

(574) 232-0853




Stir-N-Up Hope, Inc.

602 W. CR 200 N.

Rockport, IN 47635

(812) 649-8963




Strides to Success

3747 S C.R. 1050 East

Indianapolis, IN 46231

(317) 838-7002




Sunrise, Inc.

1000 Abington Pike

Richmond, IN 47374-5262

(765) 935-4291




Purdue University

YDAE-AGAD Building

615 W. State St.

West Lafayette, IN 47907-1161

(765) 563-3797


Program location: Brookston, IN


White Feather Horses for Hope, Inc.

612 W. 10th St.

Greensburg, IN 47240

(812) 614-2766





Breaking New Ground
Purdue University
ABE Bldg., 225 S. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2093

(800) 825-4264 or (765) 494-5013