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The purpose of the Indiana Directory of Disability Resources is to provide Hoosiers with a useful guide to disability services and to increase the public’s awareness of available resources. While this is by no means an exhaustive list of disability-related organizations, it is intended to help users connect with some of the major service providers.

Both state and national organizations are listed. The entries are listed by category (e.g., amputation), and in alphabetical order by the name of the organization (e.g., American Amputee Foundation). Organization listings include: disabling conditions served, users served, services provided, resources available, and local chapters.

Also included is a list of Selected Support Groups. Organized by area of specialization, this section lists support groups with telephone numbers and names of individuals to contact, if available. Even though you may not live close enough to attend the given group, the contact person may be able to refer you to a similar support group in your community. In addition, a directory of toll-free numbers is provided in the back.

Other Web-based Resources
Many of the entries in this edition include Web sites and E-mail addresses. Another helpful online directory is maintained by Connect2Help at A large number of disability-related resources can also be located by using a Web search engine.

The following people, working for the Breaking New Ground (BNG) Resource Center, contributed to the completion of the Eighth Edition of the directory: Paul Jones, BNG Program Manager and IDDR Editor; Jessica Walsh, IDDR Project Coordinator and Assistant Editor; Ed Kirkpatrick, BNG Editor; and Bill Field, Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering and BNG Project Leader.

Breaking New Ground wants to thank everyone who responded to inquiries concerning services being provided to Hoosiers with disabilities. If any information is incorrect or incomplete, please inform us so that your suggestions can be included in future editions. We also welcome new listings.

About the IDDR logo
Our thanks to the Kim McManigal family of Veedersburg, Indiana for providing us a visual representation of the spirit of overcoming disabilities as a team.

NOTE: Inclusion of organizations in the IDDR does not imply endorsement by Breaking New Ground or Purdue University. Entries are provided solely for informational purposes.

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