Hearing Loss Association of America

7910 Woodmont Ave, Suite 1200

Bethesda, MD 20814

(301) 657-2248 (Voice)

(301) 657-2249 (TTY)

(301) 913-9413 (FAX)

Email: info@hearingloss.org

Website: www.hearingloss.org


Disabling Conditions Served: Hearing loss


Users Served: People with hearing loss, their family and friends, and hearing health professionals


Services Provided:

Advocacy, education, information, and support

Annual national convention

The American Academy of Hearing Loss support specialists

Chat rooms and forums


Resources Available:

• Hearing Loss Magazine

Public Inquiry Hotline (301) 657-2248

Web links to more hearing loss information

HLAA e-newsletter


Local Branch:

Northwest Indiana Chapter

Dyer, IN

(219) 864-5779

Email: kimiam265@aol.com

Website: http://hearinglossnwi.tripod.com/hearinglossfornorthwestindiana/


Hemophilia of Indiana, Inc.

5170 E. 65th Street, Suite 106

Indianapolis, IN 46220

(317) 570-0039

(800) 241-CURE

(317) 570-0057 (Dental insurance program)

(317) 570-0058 (FAX)

Website: www.hemophiliaofindiana.org


Disabling Conditions Served: Hemophilia: von Willebrands


Users Served: Individuals with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders, their families, professionals, and the public


Services Provided:

Referral to Hemophilia Comprehensive Care Clinic

Medic Alert identification tags

Family support groups and membership meetings

Advocacy with schools, employers, medical providers, insurers and other third-party payers, and community organizations

Summer camperships

Educational resources

Support for research

Dental insurance program


Resources Available:

The Vital Link




Hook Rehabilitation Center

Community Hospital East

1500 N. Ritter Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46219

(317) 355-5946

(800) 551-4665

(317) 351-7708 (FAX)

Website: www.ecommunity.com


Disabling Conditions Served: Orthopedic injuries or procedures, coma management, brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, amputation, MS and other neurological diseases, lupus, cancer and other medical conditions.


Users Served: Patient needs are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Most patients are 16 years of age or older.


Services Provided:

  Care coordinated for each patient by a rehabilitation physician in conjunction with a team of specialists including rehab nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, neuropsychologists, case managers, therapeutic recreation specialists, dieticians, and pharmacists

  Both inpatient and outpatient services to assist individuals to become more independent and return to their role in the family and community of which they are a part

  Networking and assisting families and patients whose lives have been changed by a brain injury through our network of contacts throughout the United States, even if the patient is not treated at Hook Rehab


Human Growth Foundation (Dwarfism)

997 Glen Cove Ave., Suite 5

Glen Head, NY 11545

(800) 451-6434

(516) 671-4055 (FAX)

Email: hgf1@hgfound.org

Website: www.hgfound.org


Disabling Conditions Served: Growth disorders


Users Served: Children and adults with growth disorders


Services provided:






Resources Available:

Specialized growth charts

Short and OK: A psychosocial guide for parents of short children

Ready For School: Advice for parents of preschoolers and school-aged children

Help The Children Grow: An informative overview of the Human Growth Foundation and how we help children with growth disorders

A complete list of resources is available on Website





Breaking New Ground
Purdue University
ABE Bldg., 225 S. University Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2093
(800) 825-4264 or (765) 494-5013