Steel Bridge

Our Purpose

The Purdue Steel Bridge Team has been an integral part of our ASCE Chapter over the years by offering our members an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of bridge design as well as challenging them to solve problems in a civil engineering context. Our Steel Bridge Team has had its share of success over the past few years. In 2010 our Chapter had the honor of hosting the National Student Steel Bridge Competition at Purdue University. In 2011 our team placed second at the ASCE Great Lakes Regional Student Conference and in 2013 our team placed first regionally and fifth nationally. One point of pride our Chapter takes in its Steel Bridge Team is that we are one of the few schools in our region who teach our members how to weld so that we are able to fabricate our own bridge. This allows our members to learn the fundamentals of a useful skill as well as making them take more pride in their hard work and dedication.

Recent Awards

2013- Fifth place National finish

2013- First place finish at Great Lakes Conference

2011- Second place finish at Great Lakes Conference