About Us

Our Purpose

The Purdue Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers is established for the expressed purpose of providing Purdue Civil Engineering students with a valuable network of peers and mentors committed to developing leadership, advocating learning outside of the classroom, serving the community, and promoting the profession as a whole. Click Here to view descriptions of our events and opportunities.

Who We Are

Founded in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) is America's oldest national engineering society. It represents more than 133,000 members of the civil engineering profession worldwide. ASCE's vision is to position engineers as global leaders building a better quality of life. Comprised of Regional Councils, Younger Member Councils, Sections, Branches, Student Chapters and Clubs, and International Student Groups, the Society and its volunteers are fully engaged in making this a better world by design. The Purdue Student Chapter shares the vision of the national organization, but on a local level. We organize social events and community service events; plan seminars, talks, and presentations to educate ourselves and the community; disseminate information on scholarships, fellowships, and competitions; and we have fun doing it. Our activities are open to the civil engineering community of Purdue University and Greater Lafayette. We welcome graduate students, undergrads, professors, research assistants, lecturers, local professionals, and anyone else who might be interested in participating.


After graduation from an ABET-certified engineering program and completion of the FE/EIT examination, national student members can become Associate Members. Affiliate membership is available for non-majors and those who graduated from non-ABET certified programs. In addition, many local sections of the ASCE have Younger Member Forums for recent graduates and young engineers (under the age of 32). Upon completing five years of responsible charge (RC) work as either a principal or assistant engineer, Associate Members can become full Members of the Society. Beyond full membership status, engineers can apply to become a Fellow after ten years of RC work and legal status as a registered engineer.