Crowd-Powered Systems

Spring 2017 :: ECE 69500 :: Purdue University


Course grades will be based on the following:
Project 55%
Reading responses 20%
Warm-ups 20%
Security quiz 5%
Warm-up assignments will be scored as 2, 1, or 0:
2 Works well, demonstrates that you can use the given tool or method
1 Substantial issues
0 Less than half-done
Reading responses will be scored as 2, 1, or 0:
2 Especially insightful
1 Less thoughtful, but still demonstrates that you read the paper
0 Vague or substantially inaccurate
Changes Assignments and readings may be changed without notice up to 1 week before the due date. Also, the course schedule or grading scheme might change in the event of a campus emergency, or if there is a consensus that a change would benefit the class.

You have a choice to receive feedback and scores by email or in person. Let me know which you prefer. If I don't hear from you, I'll assume you prefer email.

The project and some assignments will be web-based. Normally, you will post your work to a publicly available web page. In some cases, I may integrate it into the course web site. I hope this will promote sharing of ideas and encourage all to take pride in their work. If you prefer that your work not be made public, let me know and we can work out an alternative.

Disabilities If you require accommodation, please make an appointment to speak with me within the first three weeks of the semester. You must also notify the Disability Resource Center of any impairment/condition that may require accommodations and/or classroom modifications.