Current & Former Graduate Students

Past Ph.D. Students  (Back to Top) 

Purdue University:

H. Wang, May 2009, Four Low-Complexity Color Trapping Algorithms, (jointly supervised with Prof. M. Boutin), Ph.D. Thesis.

S. W. Han, May 2009, Training Based Error Diffusion and Halftone Quality Quantification , Ph.D. Thesis.

C. H. Lee, December 2008, Hybrid Screen Design and Automatic Portrait Image Enhancement, (jointly supervised with Prof. M. Boutin), Ph.D. Thesis.

M. Qiao, August 2008, Digital Press Characterization and Artifact Prediction and Reduction, Ph.D. Thesis.

X. Feng, December 2007, Ringing Artifact Assessment/Reduction and Low Quality Image Interpolation, Ph.D. Thesis.

G. Ali, May 2007, Image Quality Analysis of Electro-photographic Printers for Banding Measurement and Forensic Applications, (Dissertation deposited 2/28/07), Ph.D. Thesis.

B. Zhang, May 2007, Three Problems in Digital Photography: Image Sharpness, Image Interpolation, and Image Restoration, (jointly supervised with Prof. Z. Pizlo) (Dissertation deposited 2/12/07), Ph.D. Thesis.

Y. Han, December 2006, Sub-pixel Registration and Image Analysis with Application to Image Compression, Ph.D. Thesis.

O. Arslan, December 2006, Development of a Softcopy Environment for Banding Visibility Assessment Experiments and Identification of Inkjet Printers for Forensic Applications, (jointly supervised with Prof. Z. Pizlo), Ph.D. Thesis.

E. Bernal, December 2006, Improved Rendition of Text and Lines in Inkjet and Electrophotographic Printers, (jointly supervised with Prof. Z. Pizlo), Ph.D. Thesis.

B-S. Lee, May 2006, Characterization of Opponent Channels, Automated Detection of PQ Defects, and Green Noise Mask Design by Dual Metric, (jointly supervised with Prof. Z. Pizlo), Ph.D. Thesis.

Y. Bang, December 2005, Hardcopy Banding Measurement and Assessment, (jointly supervised with Prof. Z. Pizlo), Ph.D. Thesis.

D-Y. Ng, May 2005, Imaging Colorimetry Using a Digital Camera with Dental Applications and Digital Video Capture Image Analysis, Ph.D. Thesis.

W-Y. Jang, December 2004, Print Quality: Assessment and Enhancement, Ph.D. Thesis.

T. Chang, August 2004, Memory Efficient Error Diffusion and Halftone Texture Characterization, Ph.D. Thesis.

S. Kim, August 2003, High Quality/Low Complexity Halftoning and Color Image Enhancement, Ph.D. Thesis.

G. Lin, May 2003, Electronic Imaging System Improvements via Novel Hardware Architecture and Halftoning Algorithms, Ph.D. Thesis.

J. Lee, May 2002, Advanced Halftoning Algorithms: Printer Models, Color, and Compression, Ph.D. Thesis.

P. Li, December 2000, Efficient, High Quality Halftoning Algorithms, Ph.D. Thesis.

W. Wu, December 2000, Two Problems in Digital Color Imaging: Colorimetry and Image Fidelity Assessor, (jointly supervised with Prof. Z. Pizlo), Ph.D. Thesis.

F. A. Baqai, August 2000, Halftoning Algorithms for Robust Digital Printing, Ph.D. Thesis.

D. Kacker, August 2000, Color Transforms, Halftoning, and Watermarking, Ph.D. Thesis.

A. U. Agar, May 1999, Color Imaging: Efficient Transformations and Model Based Halftoning, Ph.D. Thesis.

D. J. Lieberman, May 1999, The Analysis and Efficient Implementations of Direct Binary Search and Related Halftoning and Image Enhancement Applications, Ph.D. Thesis.

C. C. Taylor, December 1998, Image Quality Assessment Based on a Human Visual System Model, (jointly supervised with Prof. Z. Pizlo), Ph.D. Thesis.

C. B. Atkins, December 1998, Classification-Based Methods in Optimal Image Interpolation, (jointly supervised with Prof. C. A. Bouman), Ph.D. Thesis.

J. Z. Chang, May 1995, Sequential Structures for Vector Quantization and Functional Approximation, (jointly supervised with Prof. C. A. Bouman), Ph.D. Thesis.

M. Wolski, December 1994, Applications of Vector Space Methods to the Colorimetric Problems of Scanning Filter Selection and Gamut Mismatch Compensation, (jointly supervised with Prof. C. A. Bouman), Ph.D. Thesis.

M. Analoui, December 1992, Problems in Halftone Imaging: Synthesis and Reconstruction, Ph.D. Thesis.

R. Balasubramanian, December 1992, Color Image Quantization for Display Applications, (jointly supervised with Prof. C. A. Bouman), Ph.D. Thesis.

M. A. Rahgozar, May 1991, Tracking and Motion Estimation Based on Time-Sequentially Sampled Imagery and a General Theory of Time-Sequential Sampling, Ph.D. Thesis.

S. J. Bever, August 1990, Synthesis of Diffractive Optical Bar Codes, Ph.D. Thesis.

B. K. Jennison, August 1990, Wavefront Synthesis and Reconstruction: Direct Binary Search Holograms and Synthetic Aperture Radar, Ph.D. Thesis.

R. S. Gentile, August 1989, Color Image Processing for High Quality Reproduction Based on Uniform Color Spaces, Ph.D. Thesis.

E. Viscito, August 1988, Multirate Filters and Filter Banks, Ph.D. Thesis.

P. K. Murphy, May 1984, Digital Signal Processing Techniques Applied to Optical Propagation Problems, (jointly supervised with Prof. N.C. Gallagher), Ph.D. Thesis.

University of Delaware:

J. B. Koskol, Dec. 1984, The Performance Evaluation of Line Versus Dot-Interlaced Scanning of Time-Varying Imagery with an Application in Motion Estimation, Ph.D. Thesis.

Past M.S. Students  (Back to Top) 

Purdue University:

S. Gindi, August 2008, Color Characterization and Modeling of Scanners, M.S. Thesis.

V. Shah, May 2008, Embedding and Detecting Machine Readable Data in Images Printed by Electrophotographic Printer, M.S. Thesis.

E. Cox, August 2007, A Graphical User Interface and Database Framework for Image Comparison in the Context of Printer Firmware Qualification, M.S. Thesis.

A. Suwendi, May 2006, Nearest-neighbor and Bilinear Resampling Factor Estimation to Detect Blockiness or Blurriness of an Image, M.S. Thesis.

M. Groszek, May 2005, Haze Removal for Image Enhancement, M.S. Thesis.

J. Grice, May 1998, The Virtual Microdensitometer: An Integrated Print-Quality Assessment Tool, M.S. Thesis.

C. B. Atkins, May 1994, Digital Halftoning for the Printing and Display of Images, (jointly supervised with Prof. C. A. Bouman), M.S. Thesis.

S. P. Kell, May 1992, Methods to Increase the Computational Efficiency of Direct Binary Search Computer-Generated Holograms, M.S. Thesis.

M. A. Seldowitz, May 1987, Synthesis of Digital Holograms by Direct Binary Search, M.S. Thesis.

K. D. Sauer, August 1985, Iterative Reconstruction of Bandlimited Signals from Nonuniformly Spaced Samples, M.S. Thesis.

D. S. Chen, August 1984, On Reconstruction of Time Varying Imagery and Performance of Sampling Patterns, M.S. Thesis.

University of Delaware:

B. A. Hoerl, December 1983, Reduction of Aliasing Using Jittered Sampling, M.S. Thesis.

R. M. Cramblitt, June 1983, Problems in Time-Sequential Sampling of Spatiotemporal Images, M.S. Thesis.

R. H. Squires, December 1982, Representational Errors in Digital Holograms: An Experimental Study, M.S. Thesis.

D. G. Ehrenberg, June 1981, Prediction Coding for Dithered Binary Images, M.S. Thesis.

R. A. Blake, June 1980, Digital Analysis of Ultrasonic Waves in Composites, M.S. Thesis.

D. F. Hoerl, June 1979, Design of Test Signals for Digital Filters, M.S. Thesis.

A. H. Stadlin, June 1978, Coding Techniques for Dithered Binary Images, M.S. Thesis.

M.S. Thesis or Research Project and Ph.D. Thesis Students Currently Being Supervised (Back to Top) 

B. Bitlis Ph.D.

P. Chiang Ph.D. (co-advisor with G. Chiu)

H. Ding Ph.D. (co-advisor with C. Bouman)

J. Gong Ph.D.

P. Goyal Ph.D.

M. Gupta Ph.D.

X. Jing Ph.D.

D. Kim Ph.D.

J. Kim Ph.D.

M. Ortiz Ph.D.

H. Park Ph.D. (co-advisor with Z. Pizlo)

S. Park Ph.D.

H. Santos Ph.D. (co-advisor with M. Boutin)

S. Suh Ph.D.

H. Thanh Ph.D.

J. Wei Ph.D. (co-advisor with C. Bouman and I. Pollak)

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