Updated News

Antonia Nasiakou
presented the poster entitled Predicting Background Contribution in Radioactive Source Search Using Machine Learning at the best poster session in the UITI meeting in Raleigh on June 7th, 2016

Pola-Lydia Lagari completed her internship at Oak Ridge National Laboratory | ORNL

Antonia Nasiakou presented the paper with title Dynamic Data Driven Partitioning of Smart Grid Using Learning Methods in Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems Conference, organized at Hartford, CT, August 9-12

About Us

Applied Intelligent Systems Laboratory (AISL) is a research unit at Purdue University for theoretical and experimental research on intelligent systems and their applications on Nuclear Science and Technology. AISL's research also aims at promoting the various aspects of smart energy technologies including the "Energy Internet". Members of the AISL focus on interdisciplinary research dedicated to advancing intelligent problem solving techniques to modeling of complex systems, with emphasis on nuclear applications. Among others, the techniques include neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, expert systems and evolutionary computing. AISL is part of the School of Nuclear Engineering and occupies laboratory space in the Nuclear Engineering Building and experimental facilities located in the Aviation Technology Center at Purdue University.)

Mission and Vision

Application of artificial intelligent methods to real-world engineering systems
Improvement of artificial intelligence methods through engineering applications
Enhancement of understanding of the human-machine relation