EE640B An Introduction to Digital Video Compression

This course is being offered in the Spring Semester 1996. It is a 1 credit hour mini-course that will be held in weeks 6-10 of the term. For more information contact Professor Edward Delp.

Course Information

Credit: 1 hour, week 6-10.

Prerequisite: EE640A or permission of the instructor.

Description: The purpose of this mini-course is to present a comprehensive description of digital video compression techniques at the graduate level. The course will start with intraframe coding methods with particular emphasis on JPEG. The MPEG1 and MPEG2 video compression standards will be presented along with issues relative to video transmission. Low bit rate approaches such as H.261 and MPEG4 will be discussed. Applications will include video servers, transmission systems, high definition television, multimedia systems, and videoconferencing systems.

Text: Papers from the literature.

Instructor: Professor Edward Delp.

Course Outline

1. Overview of Data Compression


3. Motion Estimation

4. MPEG1

5. MPEG 2

6. Low Bit Rate Approaches: H.261 and MPEG4

7. Applications: Video Servers, HDTV, Digital Transmission, Multimedia Systems, Videoconferencing Systems

8. Final Exam

Class Information and Web Links

More information about the class, including information about the course project is available here.
Professor Edward J. Delp