EE 620 An Introduction to Biomedical Imaging Systems

EE620 Course Information

Course Instructor: Professor Edward J. Delp
Office: Room 368 MSEE
Telephone: +1 765 494 1740
Office Hours: MWF 11:30am-12:30pm or by appointment

Credit: 3 credit hours.

Prerequisites: EE 637 or permission of the instructor

Description: The purpose of this course is to present an overview of biomedical imaging systems and image analysis. The course will examine various imaging modalities including xray, ultrasound, nuclear, and MRI. Microscopy will also be presented. How these images are formed and what types of information they provide will be presented. Image analysis techniques will also be emphasized. Specific analysis techniques will include the analysis of cardiac ultrasound, mammography, and MRI functional imagery.

This course is also being offered as part the new Biomedical Engineering degree program.

Grading: There will be one mid-term exam and course projects. There will not be a final exam. The grade will be determined by:
Mid-Term Exam: 30%
Quizzes/Projects: 30%
Final Course Project: 40%

Homework: Homeworks will be assigned. It will not be collected or graded.

Course Projects: The course projects will consist of several short homework-like projects involving the processing of medical images. One large course project will be assigned in the last six weeks of the term. More detail about the projects will be annouced later.

VISE Lab: This course will use the Video and Image Systems Engineering Laboratory (VISE) for course demos and projects. The VISE Lab has 25 state-of-the art workstations worth more than $1,000,000. These workstations are capable of real-time digital video processing.

Medical Images: There is a database of medical images in /home/viseserve/a/viper/delp/medical that you find helpful for course projects.


Project 1

Project 2

Assignments and Course Outline

Reading and Homework Assignments

Tenative Course Outline


Z. H. Cho, J. P. Jones, and M. Singh, Foundations of Medical Imaging, Wiley, 1993.


Several journal papers and other handouts will distributed in class. Other referecence material is available by following this link.

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