Building of Scholarly Communities and Participation

The ABE GSA hopes to build scholarly communities within the department, with emphasis being placed on developing discussion groups based on common research areas and interests. ABE GSA will provide tips for creating such groups and pass along information about proposed groups, but it will be the initiative of the students to form groups that are of interest to them. ABE GSA also plans to build scholarly communities in collaboration with other departments. This will provide a platform to share ideas, invoke discussion, and increase awareness on topics which are interdisciplinary in nature. This activity will provide opportunities for engagement, collaboration, and networking among students from various departments.


  1. Brown Bag Graduate Student Discussion Forum

    The brown bag discussion forum consists of a casual presentation given by one of the students affilated with ABE over lunch that you bring from home. This is a great opportunity for people to prepare for thesis defenses or other presentations they may make and it allows us to get to know our fellow student's research better.

  2. Participation Encouragment

    For ABE graduate students to benefit from this organization, they must participate. All ABE graduate students will be encouraged to participate. Families and friends of ABE graduate students will also be invited to participate in events, including the sporting activities, picnics, and social hours. At the beginning of each year, a survey will be distributed to all students asking for their input on social and professional activities. This will help the officer team plan events that are catered to the interests of the current graduate student community. Emails, flyers, and word of mouth will be used to advertise events. In addition to the free food and refreshments provided at a number of the proposed events, another plan to encourage participation is to award incentives such as business cards or t-shirts to students who participate in a selected number of events. These efforts will lead to high levels of participation because the hosted events will be events that the students have requested. With business cards, t-shirts, and free food being offered as incentives, participation levels are expected to be high.

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