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ABE GSA Organization

The Agricultural and Biological Engineering Graduate Student Association (ABE GSA) was founded in 2007 by a group of graduate students. The association strives to develop a community between graduate students at the ABE by organizing social and professional activities. All ABE graduate students are automatic members of the ABE GSA and are encouraged to participate in the organized events. Events are open to anyone affiliated with ABE, as well as their friends and significant others. The events are planned to meet the wide range of interests among graduate students and the hope is that the ABE GSA will have something for everyone.

Over the years the ABE GSA has developed a set of regular social events and various professional activities are organized based on interests of the graduate students.

The social activities range from hiking/canoeing in the warmer summer months to International Cuisine Potluck and various indoor and outdoor sporting events. A list of social activities for the current academic year can be found in the link below.

Professional activities range from inviting academic and industry speakers to the ABE to holding career fairs.



1. Foster a sense of community among the ABE graduate students through the development of a social network

2. Aid in the professional growth of ABE graduate students

3. Recruit new graduate students to the ABE department at Purdue and mentor them from their admittance

4. Assist with the identification and nomination of graduate students to various departmental, college and university committees/functions

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