Tue May 21 13:16:01 2019

Host# of coresRAMOS1 min5 min15 minUptime
drag56192 GBRHEL 615.2415.0815.0267 days
gene24192 GBRHEL 627.3727.1527.0567 days
gus64256 GBRHEL 647.0247.1147.1867 days
jvoss32256 GBRHEL days
lift64256 GBRHEL 652.7452.5952.5467 days
neil32256 GBRHEL days
pitch56192 GBRHEL days
thrust24192 GBRHEL days

The right three columns are the load on the server 1 minute ago, 5 minutes ago and 15 minutes ago (from the time above the table).

A load of 1 roughly corresponds to 1 core being used 100%.

Ideally the load shouldn't be higher than the number of cores. However, performance doesn't seem to be affected too much until the load is about twice the number of cores.

Please remember that these servers are a resource shared by everyone in AAE.