We were pleased that approximately 75 people attended the June 17 Field Day, as well as news coverage by the Journal Courier and Channel 18 WLFI.

Information shared at the Field Day (poster) is at the right.

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The Two-Stage Ditch was constructed by adding benches that serve as floodplains, stabilizing the channel and removing nutrients. Our research is determining impacts on water quality and fish communities, and the success of various plant types on the benches. >

bioreactor A Bioreactor is a hole filled with wood chips that reduces nitrate in drainage water The wood chips serve as a carbon source for bacteria that turn the nitrate into nitrogen gas. Our research is determining reduction in nitrate loads an impacts on phosphorus.

Handouts and Information from Field Day

Overview handout

Woodchip Bioreactor - the poster as a handout

Two-stage Ditch - the poster as a handout

Vegetation mix used on the benches

Bioenergy Crop Research at Purdue - web site


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