Great success! About 80 members of the public attended the Field Day to learn about innovative conservation drainage practices and see them being installed.

Indiana Land Improvement Contractors Association, led by John Hack of Hack Excavating, did a great job getting the bioreactor and ditch installed. More information including photos and video will be forthcoming.



A Two-Stage Ditch is constructed by adding benches that serve as floodplains, stabilizing the channel and removing nutrients. During the field day, benches approximately 10 feet wide will be added and erosion blankets will be installed. More information about two-stage ditches (The Nature Conservancy).

A Bioreactor is a large subsurface trench filled with wood chips, that reduces nitrate in drainage water. The wood chips serve as a carbon source for bacteria that turn the nitrate into nitrogen gas. During the field day, the trench will be open, to see the wood chips and water control structures. More information about Bioreactors (Iowa State University)

Flyer for more information


Detailed schedule of presentations

The site will be open from 7:30-4:30. Attendees can view work throughout the day

7:30: Coffee and donuts available.

7:45:  Presentations on the project goals, two-stage ditch and bioreactor designs, and water and aquatic monitoring before and after installation.

8:15: Tour the site


11:am: Presentation on Two-stage Ditch Design, by Ohio State researchers


12:30: Presentations (same as 7:45). Bring your lunch if you wish (lunch not available on site.)

1:00: Tour the site



View Larger Map -- Address is 8343 U.S. 231, Lafayette, IN 47909.