Group Projects from the 2017
Indiana Watershed Leadership

Academy participants work together to develop a project that contributes to the watershed community in Indiana. These projects have the potential to be used by others and advance watershed management in Indiana.

Group Projects from the 2017 Academy

Note: These projects were created by the participants, and are not a product of Purdue University. For more information, please contact the authors listed.

Engaging the Agricultural Community in Watershed Protection
Dalia Zygas, Lizzie Willows and Richard Harris
We developed web-based materials that describe how watershed groups can engage the agricultural community including community member identification, leader identification, program and incentive development and engagement events for highlighting agricultural BMPs.

Understanding Stormwater Credits for the Homeowner
Mary Blackburn and Roxanne Malloy
Indianapolis has implemented a stormwater credit program for both residential and non-residential customers. We reviewed a brief history of the stormwater utility program in Indianapolis, as well as the residential credit program started in 2016 and compared it with other programs around the country. We will meet with the Stormwater and Sustainability teams to discuss our findings and explore potential improvements to the program.

A Guide for New Watershed Coordinators
Leslie Fisher and Cara Tegeler Hannon
We created a complete guide for new watershed coordinators including tips from other coordinators in the state, action items and acronyms.

Church Engagement for Stewardship
Ramont Bell and Tara Lee
We reviewed green teams, detail how you can establish a green team at your church and identified good steward options through church engagement.

Utilizing Strip Mining Lakes for Irrigation
Tyler Trout, Chris Lane and Debbie Barnett
We reviewed the availability and advantages of utilizing strip mining lakes for irrigation then created guidance for their use. This guide includes options for testing lake water, an overview of existing strip mines and effects on water recycling from strip mines on these lakes.

Do-It-Database (DID): A Quick Reference for Hands on STEM Activities to Engage 7-12 Grade Students
Megan Gunn and Alicia Czarnecki
We compiled a database of successful engagement activities that can be searched and sorted by age group which targets 7th through 12th grade. The database details activity, prep time and activity details.

 Practical Guide to Urban BMPs
Evan Smith and Brett Davis
We created a guide to describe design, planning and construction of BMPs based on practical experience.

Applicator Clinic – Planes, Drills and Terragators
Leah Harmon, Matt Williams and Bree Ollier
We planned a field day highlight different cover crop application methods then created a guide to assist others with replicating a similar event.

Wetlands 101 for Recreational Lakes
Beth Morris and Ridley Collins
We created a webpage highlighting wetland associated resources for recreational lake residents and users. The guide includes ecozones, field monitoring tips, impacts of recreational boating and common invasive species identification.

Alternate Wastewater Treatment Options for Rural Areas: A Workshop for Contractors
Maggie Sullivan and Dennis Begeman
We planned a workshop to educate contractors about alternative wastewater treatment options including mound systems and constructed wetlands then developed guidance for others to replicate such an event including the need for CEUs, assessing interest in an event and publicizing an event to contractors.

Pogue’s Run Urban Restoration Toolbox
Spencer Goehl, John Hazlett and Jacqueline Humphress
We developed an urban restoration BMP toolbox for use by watershed management professionals to improve water quality in Spades and Brooksides parks and open space corridors. The guide includes stormwater management, riparian restoration and urban forestry practices.

Familiarizing Watershed Groups with GIS: A Workshop Approach
Daniel Walker and Mark Zielinski
We developed a classroom-based exercise focused on utilizing GIS data in an educational lesson plan.
Workshop Overview
Meeting Agenda
Workshop Outline
Facilitators Guide
Indiana Map Handout

 MS4 Lake Buffer Program
Jeff Brooks, Brandon Cordell and Ryan Workman

We created a comprehensive program that addresses sediment discharges into lakes through stormwater infrastructure with a specific focus on Warsaw, Indiana.



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