Group Projects from the 2013
Indiana Watershed Leadership

Academy participants work together to develop a project that contributes to the watershed community in Indiana. These projects have the potential to be used by others and advance watershed management in Indiana.


Note: These projects were selected and created by the participants, and are not a product of Purdue University. For more information, please contact the authors listed.

GIS Tutorial for Watershed Management
Andrea Bolks, Jared O’Brien and Adam Thada
We show watershed groups how to easily use free GIS programs, such as ArcGIS Online/Explorer, specifically for watershed management issues and how to import xy coordinates from field data and/or spreadsheets to point features.

Graduation Presentation
Overview: GIS Tutorials for Watershed Management
ArcGIS Explorer Guide 1: Site Locations Map
ArcGIS Online Guide 1: Site Locations Map (video tutorial)
ArcGIS Online Guide 2: Watershed Boundary Map (video tutorial 1, video tutorial 2)
ArcGIS Guide: Adding x,y Location
Data2Maps (D2M) Large Sample Guide



River Raft Program Checklist
Andrea Baker, Falon French and Sarah Wolf
Follow this check list to create your own successful river rafting program.

Graduation presentation
River Raft Program Checklist


Best Management Practices in a Karst Watershed
Bill Schulze
I searched for various techniques to improve watersheds and found that a combination of education, improved agricultural practices, active management, and improved drainage areas are all required.

Graduation presentation


Rain Gardens on Pinterest
Jessica Fulgoni and Ashlee Haviland
We developed a Pinterest page of native plants in North/Central Indiana that includes collecting information about each species, pictures and then organizing them in a way that people wanting to install a rain garden can look at a page (full sun, part sun, shade, by color, size) and just select which species they want in their garden.

Graduation presentation
Pinterest link


Determining Sampling Protocols for Your Watershed
Don Lode and Ken Purze
Our project provides guidance on how we determined sampling sites in the Mill Creek - Kankakee River watershed and established the appropriate protocols for data, records, and collection.

Graduation presentation


Making Contact: Establishing Connections with Underserved Populations
Connie Ronald and Jennifer Thum
Our project involved attempting to establish connections with isolated or underserved populations to inform and educate them about water quality issues.  We identified contacts to introduce us, determined common interests, and discussed needs.  Populations included the Burmese community in Ft. Wayne, the migrant Hispanic school in Geneva, and Amish schools in Adams County.

Graduation presentation


Grand Calumet Past, Present and Future: A River in Transition
Amanda Egler, Natalie Johnson and John Ullrich
A presentation on the past, present and future of the Grand Calumet.

Graduation presentation


Strategies to Involve County Surveyors in Watershed Enhancement
Daragh Deegan, Gary Moody and Sarah Todd
We assessed potential avenues for involving county surveyors & drainage boards in watershed planning and best management practices, taking into consideration standards and duties of county surveyors and drainage boards, changes within state law, and application of the Clean Water Act.

Graduation presentation
Project Summary


Rain Garden/Urban Garden Project: Engaging Non-traditional Partners to Collaborate on Water Quality Education
Logan Garner, Matt Lewitke and Liz Monell
We wanted to focus on promoting awareness of water quality through partnership with non-traditional conservation partners so we worked with FFA and City of Indianapolis to bring a water quality/environmental component to urban garden and agronomic sites/events around Indianapolis.

Graduation presentation (powerpoint)
Graduation presentation (prezi)

Review of Erosion and Sediment Control Training Programs
Deb Ashack, Dan Matson and Dana Wilkinson
We reviewed existing training programs for best methods and materials, assessed the performance of a certified inspector program or similar workshop, and provided guidance for the development, coordination, and delivery of such a program.

Graduation presentation
Guidance Document

How Community Projects Can Affect or Help Water Quality Planning, Awareness and Outreach
Josh Brosmer and Adam Grossman
We produced a guide on ways to use special features and projects in your watershed to increase awareness and participation with a video case study of the Tulip Trestle Project.

Graduation presentation
Project Video

Outfall Reconnaissance Monitoring
Richard DeWitt, Chris Jones and Leslie Schick
We will discuss the why and how for testing direct sources into watersheds.

Graduation presentation


If you have questions or comments, please contact Laura Esman, Purdue University.