Group Projects from the 2011
Indiana Watershed Leadership

Academy participants work together to develop a project that contributes to the watershed community in Indiana. These projects have the potential to be used by others and advance watershed management in Indiana.


Note: These projects were selected and created by the participants, and are not a product of Purdue University. For more information, please contact the authors listed.

How to Make a Good Brochure:
Caitlin Grady, Elizabeth Tompkins, and Maria Schaefer
We investigated the “Water Words that Work” marketing strategies for developing material for the general public.  We asked members of the pubic to review existing brochures and answer survey questions to determine their effectiveness.

Graduation presentation
Example brochure

Website Template for Watershed and Other Environmental Groups:
Brad Smith, Brian Musser, and Audrey Wendling
We created a website that all environmental groups can use as a resource for their own website development.

Watershed Website Outline


The Average Joe’s Stormwater Quality Monitoring Database:
Kevin Breitzke and Matt Lake
We developed a user friendly Microsoft Access database to assess biological, chemical, and physical parameters of waterways or outfalls.  Standard queries were developed to generate reports for general results/statistics.  MS4 entities and others interested in collecting water quality data can use this to easily manage their data.

Stormwater Quality Database (MSAccess)


Watershed Leadership Wiki:
Matthew Newell, Adam Ricket, and Anna Burke
We created a collaborative web-based environment where stakeholders can provide watershed improvement recommendations.

Why use a wiki?
How to use a wiki for watersheds


Riverfest Photo Contest:
Mike Miller
This project developed a photo contest for the Riverfest held in the Maumee Watershed, including the specifics of photo collection and judging.

Graduation presentation


Tips & Tricks for Engaging Public Meeting Participants:
Alicia Douglass and Steve Carter
We interviewed public meeting facilitators and attendees as well as doing some research in order to compile a quick list for improving success in engaging public meeting participants in positive discussions.  We also identified things that can be implemented to help make people feel comfortable to speak up.

Graduation presentation
Tips & Tricks handout


What Are the Motivations of Different Groups to Implement BMPs or Not?:
Colin Highlands, Erin Argyilan, and Jennifer Wunsh
We interviewed a group of people to determine their motivations to implement BMPs or not.  We compared data and tried to determine if each group was different, or if there were similar motivations.

Graduation presentation
Understanding motivations
Survey of LID
Agriculture target group


Lost River Eco-Tour:
Ginger Korinek, Howard Mills, and Laura Fribley
We created an Eco-Tour of the Lost River Watershed that highlights ecological benefits of different areas within the system. We also included a basic steps guide for other groups wanting to develop similar Eco-tours within their own watershed.

Planning an Eco-tour
Creating an interpretive sign
Tour brochure


The Water You Have Been Waiting For:
Deb Lane and Scheryl Vaughn
We designed a brochure and map of the Big Walnut Watershed and the headwaters priority area.  The brochure will help people identify the area of the watershed and help people understand that what takes place on the land impacts the watershed.


Processes to Short Cut Company Layers to Receive Funding from Major Contributors through Small Contributors:
Mingyan Zhou, Alicia Barber, and Bob Minarich
Do you contact the president, CEO of the company or the department for public relations? We compiled a list of the best methods to combat various company barriers.

Graduation presentation
Corporate funding presentation

Finding BMPs:
Todd Wilkerson and Derrick Byers
We created a guidance document on inventorying Best Management Practices that are utilized in your watershed, including how to locate and discover BMPs, how to determine owner information and O&Ms, and how to appropriately keep a record of existing BMPs.

Graduation presentation
Finding Operation and Maintenance Manuals


If you have questions or comments, please contact Laura Esman, Purdue University.